Meal Plan 4/52

Ooh I very nearly forgot to write this today…told you I was a crap blogger!

Last week was as busy as I thought, ending up with a superb night out with some friends for a hen do. I think I’m still recovering now!

This week is a little quieter, although we have 50% of the kids off on Wednesday because of the strikes. Elizabeth’s school is still in, Alex is still in but Harrison and Ben get the day off,

Meal plan

Click here to see last week’s meal plan

Cottage pie in a giant Yorkshire pudding

Chicken wraps, salad and dirty fries

Mac n cheese with peas and garlic bread

Tricolour cous cous

Chicken curry and rice

Spaghetti bolognese

Roast dinner

One thought on “Meal Plan 4/52”

  1. A night out sounds like a great way to end a busy week. I don’t think our school is shutting for the strikes, they haven’t said so anyway.
    Great meal plan. The cottage pie in a giant Yorkshire pudding sounds amazing x

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