Meal Planning Monday 20/4/20

I am genuinely starting to lose track of the days and dates now. I can’t even remember how long it has been since the kids stopped school! Apparently it’s Monday today, so time to share our meal plan for the week.

I managed to get an online delivery for today, which should last us another couple of weeks, which has helped with meal planning. That didn’t include fresh fruit and vegetables and meat though, so I have had to put an order in for that this week. We have decided that once this is all over, we will stick to ordering them from local shops because it’s so much nicer.

meal planning monday

Meal Planning Monday

Click here to see last week’s meal plan

Fish pie and peas

Crispy chicken wraps with sweet potato fries and salad

Beef stew with dumplings

Fish, chips and mushy peas

Omlette with salad

Cottage pie with broccoli and cauliflower

Roast dinner

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