Meal Planning Monday 2/12/19

It’s Christmasssssss!

Ok, so it isn’t, not for a few weeks yet, but the advent calendars have been opened and you can say ‘but it’s almost Christmas’ when anyone asks you why you’re eating your fifth mince pie of the day*.

We’ve just done our last big shop before Christmas, so we will need to then think about running the freezer down a bit ready for the big bird and the random party food we seem to buy at this time of year so expect to see some random meals!

*I have never eaten five mince pies in one day. Ok, so I’m lying. I totally have.

Meal Plan


Click here to see last week’s meal plan

Meatballs in hidden veg sauce and pasta

Chicken with mozzarella and spinach and sweet potato fries

Spiced cod with herby roast potatoes and broccoli

Shepherds pie with green beans

Chicken curry with rice

Burgers, chips, and salad

Roast dinner

Linked up to Katy Kicker’s meal plan

7 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 2/12/19”

  1. I havent thought about meals for this week or the following, i’m normally organised better than i have been of late

  2. The Spiced cod with herby roast potatoes and broccoli is ABSOLUTELY my type of meal. Sounds so good!

    Thanks for linking up and have a great week x

  3. Some great meal ideas on here. Particularly like the Meatballs in hidden veg sauce and pasta, very tasty, filling and warming!

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