Meal Planning Monday 25/11/19

This time next month it’s CHRISTMAS DAY!!! All that planning, all that preparation, all that expense and it will be almost over! We put our decorations up over the weekend and wore our cute but cheesy AF new matching elf PJ’s. We wouldn’t normally put them up this early – we usually wait until the first weekend of December, but my parents are coming up to stay.

This week is going to be a busy one. We have Elizabeth’s 12-week jabs (even though she’s 14 weeks!) on Wednesday, and it’s Ben’s 5th birthday on Thursday. It will be a relatively normal day on the day for him, other than opening his gifts, but we will be celebrating it on the weekend when my mum and dad are here. Graham has Friday off work so that we can get the last of the Christmas presents done and wrapped while the kids are at school, so, vaccinations aside, it should be a lovely week!


Meal Plan

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Chicken stew with dumplings

Cottage pie

Baked potatoes with chilli

Pizza and chips for Ben’s birthday

Chicken curry with rice

Burgers and chips

Roast dinner

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5 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 25/11/19”

  1. Oh my goodness. Next month is Christmas. That has came around quickly.
    I hope Elizabeth’s jabs go OK and Ben has a fab Birthday.
    Fab meal plan x

  2. 5 weeks until Christmas, 4 weeks until the kids break up from school…. and I’m nowhere near prepared! 🙂 Love your meal plan this week – is there anything better than a jacket potato with chilli? I think not!

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