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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the chance to join in with this. The days are just running away with me at the moment and I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to do everything! Hopefully, over the next few weeks things will calm down a bit (yeah, who am I kidding?!) and I’ll get back to joining in with my favourite linky!

This week’s Little Loves


I haven’t read a book (other than kids books) for weeks. I just have not had the time. What I have been reading are lots of interesting debates and articles online. I’m sure almost everyone has had their Facebook and Twitter timelines full of the discussions about ‘slummy mummies’, frozen fish fingers and gin, as well as stories about Gino whats-his-face calling parents of fussy eaters ‘stupid’ and the Asda jumper that had a woman up in arms. It’s all been very interesting, and at times, hilarious to read.


In terms of TV, I’ve been watching Billions on Sky Box Sets (If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend it – and Damien Lewis is rather hot!) and Little Boy Blue, which is one of the saddest things I think I have watched.

The best thing I have watched this week though was Alex’s nursery assembly, which is possibly THE cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They were talking about what they have learned in school this year and how much they have grown. They sang us lots of songs, in Welsh, which I was really impressed with, and Alex had a line of Welsh to say. I was so proud of him, and when the little montage of photos showing them throughout they year was on the screen, I may have had a tiny case of leaky eyes. We are so lucky that they got into a really lovely school!


I literally cannot think of anything that I have listened to this week. I haven’t been in the car since last Saturday which is where I listen to most music, and that’s pretty crap actually. I am creating a list on Spotify of some really uptempo songs for running, which I have started this week.


I actually got chance to wear a maxi dress and sandals this week – the weather has been (mostly) beautiful! I’ve got a cracking suntan on my arms and feet now. In fact, it’s probably the best sun tan I have had for years! I’m so pale normally so I am well and truly embracing it.

More excitingly, I have been wearing my brand new running trainers from DW Sports. I’ll be writing more about them and my road to fitness next week, but yeah, basically, I’ve started running!


Um…..I planted some bedding plants in a pot, does that count? If not, absolutely nothing!

And lastly

I obviously can’t write much about it on here yet, but this weekend is my soon-to-be sister in law’s hen do! You may know that Kim from Life of an Auntie and Mum is getting married to my brother in October. They should have been getting married in July, but then found out they were going to have a baby the same month! I’m so excited about my very first niece or nephew, but this weekend it is all about Kim having lots of fun before she becomes a mum and a wife. I’m sure you will see some photos from it very soon both here and on her blog, and I can tell you all about it next week!


8 thoughts on “Little Boy Blue, New Trainers and School Assemblies | Little Loves”

  1. Have a lovely time with your sister in law to be. Little Boy Blue was heartbreakingly beautiful. Hats off to the actors and it really showed the culprits to be complete and utter animals. #littleloves

  2. Sounds like a crazy busy few weeks for you! Ha ha I’m with you on never having a tan – I lived abroad for 7 years and it took me 6 to actually look like I had a tan! Hope you have a great time at Kim’s hen do – talk about keeping blogging in the family!

  3. Loving those trainers! You just can’t beat Nike in my opinion.
    I had no idea that Kim is your future sis in law! Small world this blogging lark isn’t it? Enjoy celebrating with her this weekend xx

  4. I’m the same when it comes to music. I really need to make more of an effort too! Loving the trainers though, they look so comfy!! #LittleLoves

  5. My friend told me about Little Boy Blue and said the same as you – that it was heartbreakingly sad. Have an amazing time on the hen do! x

  6. I hope you have a fab time at the Hen Party- and well done on having a tan to go- I do miss having a healthy glow- sleep deprivation and the UK seem to have the opposite effect.
    I love your trainers- I wish I could find a way to encourage my body it wants to go. #LittleLoves

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