Interesting Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

Are you wondering how to spruce up your empty walls in minimum budget and time? If yes, then you can refresh your space and fill empty walls on your own. 

You do not need to hire an interior designer to make your space look interesting and eye-catching. An empty wall has many decoration possibilities. So, with few changes here and there you can make your décor beautiful. 

Following are the ways in which you can decorate your walls:

Retro wall


Source: Elephantstock

Retro wall art ideas are in trend and retro prints are again making their way back to fame. Retro prints are usually used for scrapbooks and journals. But they are making good décor statements nowadays.

They are easy as well as fun to adopt and do not cost a fortune. You can get different décor ideas like these prints by ElephantStock.

Travel wall

Source: ElephantStock

Are you a travel lover and like collecting travel keepsakes? If yes, then do not let them collect dust by laying in the corner. You can use them innovatively to amp up your walls.

You can decorate your space by creating a feature wall with your favorite posters, travel pictures, or maps. You can also add floating shelves on your walls to beautifully display figurines, ceramics, and tableware you collected while traveling.

Photo Garland

Are you a fan of photo prints? If yes, then you can try creating a photo garland to decorate your wall without frames and effort. 

All you need is a string, mini clothespins, and favorite photo prints of memories you want to always remember. You can use square or retro prints to decorate the wall with photo garland. It will give effortlessly an amazing and eye-catching view.

Brush Lettering Quotes


Source: Elephantstock

Brush lettering is one of the top following trends nowadays. If you have skill in brush lettering and have a fondness for words, then you can create your own handwriting wall art.

You can create wall art with brush lettering with beautiful handwriting and to give a playful touch you can sprinkle glitters. Once you are finished with the artwork, you can frame it and hang it on the walls. 

It is an easy as well as very affordable way to decorate your space.

Kid’s Art Gallery Wall

If you have kids, then do not let your kids feel left out. You can involve them in home decoration by asking them to pick their favorite artwork and hang them on the wall.

This idea is an inspiration for kids to create beautiful art pieces and show their vision. For an elegant look, use simple frames for their artwork before hanging them on the wall. 

Final Words

These are some easy and stylish ways to spruce up your space and bring out your personality and taste. Whether it is a curation of all your art pieces over the years or a photo album, there are different ways to add zest to your space.

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