Artificial Hard Floor Finishes You Must Know About

Whether you’re remodeling your house, or looking to enhance your business space, the floor is one of the important elements. It’s not enough to choose the right kind of flooring but also to protect it, you must select a good floor finish. It is the layer of material on top of your flooring, which is there to provide traction, protect against spills, and protect the subfloor from scratches. It is like a liquid that is applied to the floor and it dries to form a hard durable and smooth film. The floor finish is made up of many ingredients. Some of the ingredients may evaporate (volatile components) while others will stay on the floor after drying. These volatile components help in the film formation, drying, etc.

Here are some artificial floor finishes that you must consider. 

Cement Resin

A resin floor is a type of flooring that is made from a liquid resin poured into a mold to harden. Resin floors are typically designed to withstand heavy loads and have low-maintenance requirements. Cement resin is made up of bits and pieces of stone and some other agents to make it thick. It can be used for anything where regular concrete can be used. You can use it for walkways, driveways, and other areas. This floor finish provides a non-slip surface. 


Terrazzo is a composite material that is made up of cement and marble. It is then mixed and poured onto a concrete base. This type of floor finish has a mosaic look and can be quite appealing.

After settling down the floor, it is ground to a smooth and hard surface. Terrazzo flooring has been very successful in commercial properties like malls and shopping centers as it is extremely durable and very easy to clean. It is a little expensive though so you must take a careful decision before opting for this floor finish. 

Epoxy Resin

It is produced by combining epoxide reason, fillers, aggregate, and hardness. This type of finish can be laid over plywood, cement et cetera. If you want options, epoxy floor refinishing provides a thin hardware ringlet that is available in various colors and textures. It is usually made nonslip and will be a good choice. This kind of finish is very commonly used for commercial industrial flooring. It can last many years and stand quite some heavy loads.

To locate your nearest epoxy installer, just search ‘Epoxy resin flooring melbourne‘ or wherever it is that you live to connect with local professionals who can ensure a quality finish.

Concrete Screeds

Screed is a very thin layer of material that is placed on top of concrete. It usually contains cement and sharp sand, but when used in industry more aggregates are added to make it thicker. It is available in many forms like bonded(an existing base with its aggregate exposed has a cement screed over it)  and unbounded (laid over a plain existing concrete base). Floating is another form of cement screed that is laid over thermal or sound insulation materials.

It is vital that cement is produced properly to ensure the quality is sustained, which can be carried out using the equipment and processes  linked here.

When choosing a floor finish you must look at certain characteristics. It should be hard, glossy, sleep resistant, tough, durable, and should be easy to clean.

It must be low on maintenance and free of dampness. It should also have a good appearance so that you get your money’s worth.

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