Puddlesuits and Wellyboots

The weather lately has been atrocious. Cold, windy, wet, and even a slight sprinkle of snow the other day. We’ve hibernated away in the warmth of our lounge for a long time now and I think we were all starting to get a bit of cabin fever!

We were getting fed up of being inside, so on Sunday we dressed up in coats, puddlesuits and wellies and went for a walk. We walked to our local cemetery, which sounds morbid but is a lovely peaceful place where the kids can have a walk and because there’s lots of trees, its great for collecting leaves, conkers, twigs and all sorts of interesting bits! We also always go and visit the grave of some of my family buried there. The paths are very bumpy so lots of deep puddles for the kids to have a jump and paddle in! We’ve taught the kids to respect where they are, so they know not to trample over graves. They are interested in all the different shaped headstones and monuments!




Yesterday it was absolutely bucketing it down again, but we got dressed up in our wellyboots and puddlesuits, and went in the back garden. It’s the first time we have played out in the rain but won’t be the last time! They loved it. They went on their slide, played in the playhouse and in their Little Tikes cars, whilst we shivered with a cup of coffee!


After twenty minutes we went back in and warm up. They had lovely colour to their cheeks and had a lovely nap afterwards (win!), so for anyone who might be thinking its too wet to go out – wrap up and get out there!


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