Christmas 2013


Happy Boxing Day!
I hope everyone had a really lovely day. We did!

On Christmas Eve after a mad dash to four hairdressers to try and get Harrison’s hair cut, we went to visit my Great Uncle. It was lovely because the kids usually go a bit shy around him but not this time! They loved chasing each other around and showing off in their Santa outfits.

We then went to the cemetery and laid down some flowers for my Grandad, before heading over to my Nans. It was a bit manic as always, with my parents, brothers, sister in law, the kids, my Nan, my auntie, uncle and youngest cousin! It was lovely though. We then went home, stopping off to pick up a McDonald’s for tea. Once we had eaten it was time to go outside and look for Santa and his reindeer flying over (the international space station all lit up!). Harrison was amazed! We then sprinkled our reindeer food and left out the magic key for Santa.


They had a bath and then got dressed in their new pyjamas from Nanny and Grandad. They went to bed and we enjoyed a glass of wine and a horror film.

We all got up about 7.30 on Christmas day which is half hour later than usual! Harrison’s face when he went down and saw all the presents was amazing. They were spoilt – Happyland sets, Vtech digital camera, train sets, books, dvds, clothes, market stall, toy till…. and that was before we went to my parents!!!


After breakfast we loaded up the car with gifts and went to my mum and dads, where the kids got even more playdough, happy land, clothes and gorgeous wooden Melissa and Doug toys! I was very spoilt too – I had a Hudl, two beautiful bracelets, necklace and two lovely teacups for my collection.

The rest of the day went in the normal Christmas day way – an incredible dinner cooked by mum, a few drinks, playing with new toys and gadgets and eating chocolate. When we got home the kids went straight to sleep which is unheard of – the excitement wore them out!

Today has mostly been all about setting up and playing with new toys and finding homes for them!

How was your Christmas?

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