Christmas Gift Guide 2022

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I really hope that you get to spend Christmas with your loved ones this year, and if you can’t, that you manage to speak to them and have as lovely as a time as possible. If you are looking for gift inspo, whether you are having to rely on Santa’s delivery services to hand them over or you get to play Santa yourself, here are a few ideas.

Bradfords Prosecco Savoury Basket

Now, if I found this left under my tree, I would be a very happy lady. Prosecco? Delicious chutneys and relishes? Cheese? Pate? Adorable little basket? It is like my idea of heaven! It’s great for Christmas night and boxing day snacks.

Where to buy: Bradfords Bakers RRP: £27.90

VASO Glass Straws

Before COVID-19 dominated the news and our lives, the need to do our bit for the environment was top of the agenda. While it isn’t headlining news at the moment, it is more important than ever. As a family, we are doing what we can to reduce the amount of waste that we produce, and easy way to do this is to swap out plastic (and paper – they still require producing and recycling resources!) straws for reusable ones. These glass ones from VASO come in a pack of four and are different sizes. They come in a beautifully presented box, look great don’t taint the taste of whatever it is that you are drinking. They are the ideal stocking filler gift for the eco-friendly person in your life.

Where to buy: Glass Straw RRP: £11.99

Poinsettia Plants

I love Poinsettias. To me, they are an iconic symbol of Christmas, with their distinctive bright red flowers. But, what I didn’t know is that you can get Poinsettias in different colours, like pink and white! I absolutely adore this beautiful pale pink one. With many people moving away from traditional reds and greens and opting for festive decorations in shades of whites, pinks and silvers, these would look gorgeous as part of a Christmas table centrepiece. A pretty poinsettia is a great gift for a teacher, neighbour, carer – or for yourself!

Eyebrow Trimmer

Hands up if for at least some of this year you have rocked the unruly caterpillar eyebrow look (me!). With lockdowns and tiers and restrictions and everything else, getting regular beauty treatments such as an eyebrow wax (or threading, although I am sure you are a sadist if you can put up with that level of pain) has been a little hit and miss. Thankfully, a steady hand and one of these nifty little eyebrow trimmers mean that you can at least have some sort of shape to your brows, and are ideal for upkeep in between appointments. They’re also great for those little whiskers that seem to appear from nowhere as you get older. Not that I have those at all…

Where to buy: Amazon RRP: £8.99

Lynx Gift Sets

Ah. Lynx. The ultimate in stocking filler gifts! Did you know it has been 25 years since the iconic Africa fragrance was launched? You can get this fabulous gift set, containing bodyspray, body wash and antiperspirant, or if you want a lighter scent, the fresh scent comes with a gorgeous pink and white toiletries bag.

Where to buy: Boots RRP: Various

Solid Cologne

Solid Cologne is a solid wax-based cologne/aftershave. It is made with natural wax and skin-friendly cologne, which is applied directly on to the skin. Solid Cologne was created for those who travel. It’s made from beeswax and it doesn’t need to be put into a clear bag whilst going through airport security. This means it’s impossible to spill and you won’t use as much as only a little wax will go a long way in keeping you smelling great. I can confirm that it smells LUSH!

Where to buy: Solid Cologne UK RRP: £19.99

Designer Menswear

Everyone loves new clobber for Christmas, and with over one hundred designer brands, Mainline Menswear is a great place to check out clothes for your loved one (or you!). Graham loves his Ralph Lauren, so this casual-but-classy navy long-sleeved top was perfect.

Where to buy: Mainline Menswear RRP: Ralph Lauren top £50

Kids Crazy Soap

Now, my kids LOVE bath and shower time and need no persuasion but these fabulous Crazy Soap products make it even more fun. From sparkling and colour changing bubble bath to foaming soap (which is also really fun for Tuff Spot activities!), they are lovely and gentle on the skin too.

Where to buy: Superdrug, Boots RRP: From £1.99

The Time Travelling Caveman

The Time-travelling Caveman by Sir Terry Pratchett  Including material never-before-published in a book, the beautiful hardback collection brings together stories written for local newspapers in Pratchett’s early years and is sure to delight Terry Pratchett fans as well as captivate a new generation of young readers with his iconic wisdom and wit. Brilliantly accompanied by new illustrations by Mark Beech throughout, the collection will also available in a Collector’s Edition later this year, making this a beautiful gift.

Where to buy: Amazon RRP: £9.99

Mood Journal

Lots of children have struggled this year thanks to the pandemic, but this fabulous interactive Mood Journal from Fearne Cotton has plenty of fantastic ways to help your child (and you!) manage their emotions and find coping strategies.

Where to buy: Amazon RRP £6.99

Our Wonderful World is an essential addition to the bookshelf of any travel-lover, map-maestro or geography genius. Spanning the world from Spain to Singapore, Colombia to Canada, Turkey to Tanzania, discover all you need to know about some of the most awesome places on Earth. The illustrations are absolutely stunning!

Where to buy: Amazon RRP: £16.99

Now, my boys are eager to get building stuff, but I’m not quite sure I want them hammering nails into planks of wood just yet. Thankfully, they can begin to develop some of the skills that they need with the Fabrikid Construction kit. It combines tools and wood like material allowing kids to saw, nail, screw, and build anything they can imagine. Each set contains all the building material and some blueprints for things such as toy swords and treasure chests.

Where to buy: Argos RRP: £20

Arty the Big Hearty Rainbow Soft Toy

This year, more than ever, we all need a hug and a bit of love, and this gorgeous little fella, based on the iconic Swizzels Love Heart sweets, is perfect to show a loved one that you are thinking about them. It doesn’t matter who you are sending it: love is love.

Where to buy: Amazon RRP: £9.99 6

Johnson’s Bedtime

Johnson’s is a household name when it comes to baby skincare and for good reason. The bedtime range was developed to create a calm and sleepy bathtime environment for babies as part of their bath and bed routine. I can confirm that these smell lovely and are gentle on the skin.

Where to buy: Boots RRP: From £3.00

Christmas Flowers

How beautiful are these? Lush deep red roses and sweet oriental white lilies arecombined with pine cones and seasonal foliage to mak a beautiful festive flower bouquet. These would look spectacular as part of a Christmas table display or windowsill.

Where to buy: eFlorist RRP: From £19.99

Times Tables Heroes

Make learning times tables fun with this game from the rather brilliant Orchard Toys. There are two fun games to play, practising the 2 up to 12 times tables.

Where to buy: Amazon RRP: £9.99


How cute is this? Ink and Drop have prints to suit every taste and decor. I absolutely loved this, from our favourite children’s book! The frame isn’t included, so you would need to get one for it.

Where to buy: Ink and Drop RRP: from £13

Shooting Range Protective Gear Set 

Here’s the perfect gift for the more adventurous family members who frequent shooting ranges every chance they get. Yes, I’m talking about the dads and granddads in the family. Shooting a gun, though for recreational purposes only, poses real dangers. Loud firearm noises can cause hearing damage and ejected bullet casings can ricochet and hit someone in the eye. Well, if you can’t keep them away from shooting ranges, might as well ensure that their precious eyes and ears are well-protected while enjoying their favorite hobby. A set of hearing protectors and shooting glasses are just perfect for the job!

Where to buy: Range Often

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