All I Want For Christmas Is…

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  • David Beckham
  • To wake up in a size 12 body
  • For Villa to have another ten-game winning streak
  • A Mulberry handbag
  • To wake up and have semi-decent skin

Only one of those is likely to happen this year, and that’s having semi-decent skin – and that’s because I’ve treated myself to a No7 Skincare set from Boots. I mean, Christmas shopping for other people is so stressful, a little pick-me-up is definitely needed, right? 

Well, actually, not if you grab the presents from Boots. In fact, it’s kind of the law to buy something from Boots for Christmas isn’t it? I remember going in there as a teenager to buy my mom a Sanctuary gift set and my brothers and dad a Lynx gift set. It’s always been one of my go-to places for stuff because EVERYONE loves a decent smellies set for Christmas.

Now, unless if you’ve been living under a rock for the past however many years (170!), you will know that Boots is the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, stocking everything you could need to make yourself look good on the outside and feel good on the inside. This Christmas – and yes, I know it’s only November but it’s only one payday away guys – Boots have been asking people a few questions about what makes them tick over the festive period, and the results were a little surprising to me! They asked three key questions, and I’ve given my thoughts on them below:

Which person’s gift receives the most thought?

This is quite a tough one. The kids probably get the most brain power put into it because obviously, they are the ones who get the most from us. I do, however, find myself spending quite a long time thinking about my parents because they’re at that point in their lives now that if they want something, they can just buy it. I was quite surprised to read that Partner’s gifts receive the most thought (38%), followed by children (20%)!

When do you start your Christmas shopping?

Apparently, a quarter of Brits start in August!! Who are these strange people? I can’t even bear to utter the word Christmas until Strictly is on TV!!
I started ours in mid-October. I hate doing it that early because the vast majority of my family’s birthdays are in October and November, and I’d rather get them out of the way first (as would my poor abused bank account), but I do start making notes and picking up the odd bits and bobs. The main part of my shopping will be done at the beginning of December, so I can relax and enjoy the festivities without flapping about shopping. 

What is your most quintessential Christmas food?
The pigs in blankets. Oh, actually – the Christmas pudding. Oooh no – it’s definitely the mince pies. Yes, the mince pies. I’ve been eating them since mid-October. I go through a box from all the supermarkets before settling on my favourite for Christmas itself, all in the name of research, of course. It’s also not Christmas unless I’ve had my sister-in-law’s homemade rum truffles. For most of the people that Boots questioned, the ultimate food is the roast potato. I’m surprised by that, to be honest. I mean, I love a roast potato or ten, but they’re a pretty standard feature of a Sunday dinner, aren’t they?

Anyway, Boots challenged me to buy a gift for a bloke in my life, a gift for a woman and a gift for me. I set straight to it. Shall we have a little peek?

For the bloke (I can’t say who!), I opted for a bottle of Hugo Boss aftershave. Aftershave is one of my favourite gifts to give because it’s something that pretty much every bloke wears. I know that Hugo Boss is an aftershave that this person likes, so it’s a fail-safe! There were plenty of fabulous Christmas gifts for him to choose from – gift sets aplenty!

Hugo Boss aftershave

For the lady, I opted for the Hugo Boss perfume, for pretty much the same reasons as above. I also know that just like me, this person would never think to treat herself to something as indulgent as a bottle of nice perfume and just hopes that someone will buy her a bottle before her current one runs out. I took a gamble with this one because I’ve never tried the Hugo Boss perfume but I’ve been assured that it is really lovely. Fingers crossed she will love it!

For me…well, I actually found it really hard. There were so many things from the Christmas gifts for her section that I would love to find wrapped up under the tree. I ummed and ahhed between a makeup set and the No7 skincare set, and ended up going for the skincare. After all, I’m 34 now – I need all the help I can get! It’s got everything I need in there to help my skin look clearer and hopefully younger!! I’m definitely not one of the 1/3 of people who think they are difficult to buy for – stating they have everything they need. I think I’m pretty easy, to be honest!

The lovely people at Boots are giving one of you lot a chance to win a fabulous Soap and Glory Miracle on 24th Street Advent Calendar (worth £42). You can give it to someone you love, I guess, but to be honest, I recommend keeping it for yourself because Soap and Glory is DA BOMB!!!! To enter, follow the instructions in the Rafflefcopter widget below and please, please, PLEASE make sure you follow them properly because if you don’t, I have to disqualify you and then you’ve got no chance of winning it, which is a bit rubbish. The terms and conditions can all be found underneath.

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*This post is an advertisement feature with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own

153 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is…”

  1. 1. Hubby’s because I have to think for ages because I never know what to get him
    2. I start in the January sales
    3. Hmm, pigs in blankets or Christmas pudding!

  2. The most thought over which present would be my youngest daughter, Leah. I struggle, as although she loves opening presents, she rarely plays with anything. This year she will be getting a new scooter – the only thing she actually wants – and smaller toys that go with the sets she already has. These will be opened, looked at, MAYBE played with for 10 minutes, then put in the relevant labelled toy boxes.
    I start Christmas shopping anytime after Easter, yes I know its early, but it gives me time to buy gifts every month without worrying about not having money later on in the year or worrying about a big credit card bill.
    Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without mince pies, I love it when the shops start to stock them in and love it even more after Christmas when they are half price!!

    1. We need to go on a mince pie testing trail Rach! The boys all have scooters this year as well x

  3. My partner’s presents take the most thought. He never really needs anything but I like to treat him.
    I actually look out for things all year round. If I see something that someone will love as a Christmas gift I’ll buy it. My shopping starts in earnest after my daughter’s birthday in September though.
    My quintessential Christmas food is pigs in blankets!

  4. My son is always hard to buy for, I’d love it more if he did a list! Usually mid November for shopping and pigs in blankets for the food thanks!

  5. I have to put the most thought into my hubby’s gift as he is a nightmare to buy for. He’s one of those people that feel like he has everything he needs/wants already… and that’s not at all helpful for me when it comes to Christmas!

  6. 1 – My Husbands because he always puts so much thought into my gifts so I need to do the same
    2- I buy bits throughout the year as I have so many to buy for and I can hit the sales thru the year
    3 – Pigs in Blankets and Stuffing balls

    1. My partners gift requires the most thought as hes so fussy and hard to buy for!
      I start christmas shopping in November, as previously ive been so last minute!
      My most important Christmas dinner item is stuffing! Xx

  7. 1. My Partner because he is rather fussy with expensive taste but he always appreciates what I gift him.

    2. I start my Christmas shopping in September.

    3. Pigs and blankets with lots of cranberry sauce.

  8. 1. My daughters
    2.In late November
    3. Turkey, brussel sprouts and Christmas pudding

  9. 1. My hubby as he has everything and needs nothing!!! Plus he’s very fussy

    2. I start in December, I’m a bit of a last minute shopper

    3. Turkey sandwiches on Christmas night and on boxing day with coleslaw, stuffing and loads of pickles! Yummmmy

  10. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? Probably my kids, even now as adults.

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? Usually November.

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? Turkey & stuffing!

  11. Great giveaway. Please count me in.
    1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? My husband because he is sooooo fussy.

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? Now I try to get things in plenty of time. If I see something suitable I buy it before it sells out.

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? The turkey of course !

  12. My moms and my husbands Nans gift definitely have the most thought go into them. It sounds bad but if they cry when opening it I know I chose well. I love matching the perfect gift to each person. It’s my favourite thing to do at Christmas.
    I start my Christmas shopping in January… Hey don’t shoot me but the sales start then and with saving for 4 kids to go to uni I need all the help I can get lol. Through the year I also take advantage of some other great sales including prime day and black friday
    Most quintessential part or Christmas has to be the pigs in blankets (by the bucket load if possible) and the home glazed gammon. Whilst everyone else is tucking into mince pies, Christmas pud and tubs of roses I’m there with my plate piled high with cold pigs in blankets, gammon and brie in my own personal bubble of Christmas meat heaven

  13. I start thinking about Christmas shopping quite early but never do anything about those thoughts! I only really have to buy presents for my daughter and as she gets older it gets more difficult. I do love Turkey and all the trimmings and am quite disappointed in the Christmases I’ve had which were other meats!

  14. Used to be my late Mum, but now my hubby. I start last 2 weeks of Christmas and we love a traditional Turkey with sausage meat stuffing

  15. 1. My partner because he’s the fussiest person.

    2. I start mid summer kind of once everyone’s birthdays out of the way.

    3. Pigs in blankets!! Love them x

  16. I give the most thought at Christmas to my partners gift as he has most things he actually wants.
    I start looking around September for ideas for Christmas gifts and buy them around October.
    For me this has to be Yorkshire pudding and sage and onion stuffing

  17. 1. My husband, what do you get for the man who thinks he has everything! Every year it gets more difficult.

    2. I start Christmas shopping in December and then panic!

    3. Vegetarian Christmas dinner with roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, roast parsnips, carrots, pea, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and cabbage!

  18. 1. My hubby because he is so difficult to buy for
    2. I start Christmas shopping in October, but start researching in September
    3, The Christmas pudding

  19. I normally start Christmas shopping when the kids go back to school in September especially as my partner is the most difficult person and I have to be really imaginative to find him that perfect gift! As for food not to everyone’s choice but I love sprouts 🙂

  20. 1) My fiance, he’s so thoughtful and buys everything I want ( from my wish list) so I want to buy more to surprise him.Love him so much…

    2) In November!

    3)Pigs in blankets

  21. Both of my sons presents take the most thought. I start christmas shopping in december. Christmas cake, I love it!

  22. It used to be my mum as I always wanted to get her something extra special
    Usual November is when I start the Christmas shopping
    The Roast usually Turkey Crown

  23. 1) My husband as he is so difficult to buy for
    2) Normally i’m a last minute shopper, but this year i have already started and quite pleased with myself
    3) Pigs in Blankets

  24. 1. My husband, we can’t afford many treats for ourselves throughout the year so at Christmas I spend a lot of time getting his present just right
    2. I shop all year but start seriously in September with the aim to be done by November to avoid the crowds
    3. There has to be pigs in blankets, most other foods we have all year with our Sunday roasts but pigs in blankets are just for Christmas

  25. i think my partner as i get him some things he likes and what he needs but doesnt know he needs ha ha . i start xmas shopping anytime could even be in the january sales . did most of mine in august september this year

  26. I put the most thought into my mum’s present as she is hard to buy for. I start in the January sales. Mince pies – I love them.

  27. 1. My mums gift, it has to be just right .. perfect in fact , just like her!
    2. All year round… I tend to buy at least one gift a month so its not such a big financial hit at the end of the year!
    3. Pigs in Blankets! An absolute family favourite at Christmas time!

  28. 1. My twin girls as I like to get them presents they’ll play with lots.
    2. I start Christmas shopping in November.
    3. It’s got to be Brussels sprouts.

  29. My husband’s present get the most thoughts, I start Christmas shopping in early November and eat a traditional Turkey roast dinner with all the trimmings

  30. my brother in law, i start in july and wrap in october and there has to be sprouts!

  31. 1. My husband takes a lot of thought, 2. I look for bargains throughout the year so shopping can start in January, 3. I love the cranberry sauce xx

  32. 1. My daughters present is the one I take most care over. She is so fussy and I don’t want her to be disappointed.
    2. I don’t start Shopping until mid November.
    3. My best bit of Christmas lunch is the bread sauce

  33. 1. My adult daughter, there’s rarely anything she wants so I spend ages trying to find something a little bit unusual
    2. I buy the odd thing throughout the year but start seriously in November
    3. Christmas pud with brandy cream, I look forward to it all year

  34. my son is the hardest person to buy for now he is in his twenties . i usually begin my shopping mid october and i love hot mince pies at christmas

  35. I spend the most time thinking of a gift for my husband. October is when I start buying gifts unless I see a great bargain earlier in the year for my son. When it comes to Christmas dinner the gravy can make or break it.

  36. 1) Mum. 2) All year round for Xmas presents, start Xmas food shopping in October. 3) Brussels sprouts and chestnuts

  37. My 2 kids
    I usually start just after my little girls birthday, so around the 16th October
    I just love the christmas turkey!

  38. 1. My mum’s present gets the most thought as I know how much she does for me and I like to try and find her something special.
    2. Normally pick up a few stocking filler bits in the Summer sales then really get started in October for main presents.
    3. Got to be mince pies and clotted cream!

  39. 1. Definitely my boyfriends – he can be difficult to buy for so I like to try and get him something I know he’ll really love and keep
    2. I started mine last week as I usually start at the beginning of November
    3. Has to be crispy roast potatoes!

  40. 1.My Dad. He lives in a Care home, doesn’t smoke or drink, is pre diabetic and doesn’t wear socks!
    2. I start in the Post Christmas sales.
    3. Pigs in Blankets

  41. 1) My little boy because both me and my hubby work on get it just right
    2) I start in September after the summer holidays
    3) Got to be Turkey and with cranberry sauce x

  42. The kids’ presents definitely get the most thought – Christmas is about the kids!
    I start Christmas shopping after my son’s birthday at the end of October.
    Quintessential Christmas food has to be turkey with all the trimmings, and mince pies – everything else is negotiable.

  43. My adult son, because he can be difficult to buy for, though I’ve cracked it this year!

    In August, to spread the cost and have time to get things people would really like rather than last minute panic gifts.

    Chestnut stuffing!

  44. 1. My Dad because he has been such a great Father that I always try to find him something special so he knows how grateful I am to him for always being there for me.
    2. As soon as Bonfire Night is over I start thinking about Christmas shopping.
    3. Apricot stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce are my must haves

  45. My daughters gifts i always put the most thought into.
    I have nearly finished just a few more left
    Pigs in blankets of course 🙂

  46. 1. My mums present receives the most thought purely because she is so hard to buy for. She has returned presents in the past.
    2. I start buying presents at the end of september here and there in the hope i will be at least a little prepared but it’s never the case.
    3. Pigs in blankets yummy!

  47. My mum, so hard to buy for,
    I procrastinate till about now then reluctantly start the chore.
    Xmas pudding

  48. 1. My fiancé & my mum. We don’t tend to treat ourselves during the rest of the year, so at Christmas it’s nice to put the extra effort in. My mum is my best friend, she does so much for me & is always there so she deserves so much more than I could ever give her but I do my best.
    2. I try and do Christmas shopping all year round, so that it’s not so stressful in December.
    3. Has to be pigs in blankets! Only have them once a year, on Christmas Day

  49. I’m on my own so only have my parents & sister to buy for & we don’t tend to do much nowadays. I’ll start thinking about presents in about October. I’m veggie & have a pizza for my Christmas meal. The cats get turkey though!

  50. 1. My partner/aka “the man who has everything”
    2. December
    3. Bread sauce

  51. I put alot of thought into my husbands gifts ,I normaly start my christmas shopping in september but was abot late this year and started in october, Pigs in blankets are a must for christmas dinner

  52. My partner is the hardest person to buy for. He is very particular about what he likes and drives me mad! My children both have birthdays in December so as you can imagine, this time of year is very expensive! I try and pick up Christmas presents all throughout the year to spread the cost a bit. Oh, & Christmas isn’t Christmas without pigs in blankets and mince pies!

  53. 1) my mum as she is harder to buy for
    2) I start in September and look for deals
    3) yummy pigs in blankets

  54. 1.My husbands present is always the hardest but I like to make sure its something he would want
    2.I start Christmas shopping in November
    3.I think a Christmas dinner could not be without pigs in blankets

  55. I find my mom’s gift takes the most thought. Since my dad passed away I know she’s not getting that gift from a ‘special someone’ and I try to make up for that, if only a little.
    I usually start buying gifts late November/ early December. We have birthdays in November so as a rule we don’t start anything Christmas related until after the birthdays have been celebrated.
    For Christmas food- pigs in blankets are an absolute must!

  56. 1. My teenage son is, by far, the hardest person to buy for. I spend more time on him than everybody else added together!
    2. I pick bits and pieces up from the Boxing Day sales onwards. There is a big push usually around the end of October and a bit of panic buying just before.
    3. We only have pigs in blankets at Christmas time, but champagne, nibbles and turkey also shout Christmas!

  57. My partner as he is so difficult to shop for!! I start all year round usually, to save money I tend to put away a present a month instead of buying all of it in December. Has to be the Turkey, roast potatoes or pigs in blankets!

  58. My oh, he’s so bloomin fussy!
    I normally start mid November.
    Maybe controversial but Yorkshire puds! I also love bread sauce but noone else likes it lol!

  59. My mum as I want to get her something that is just right for her. I start Christmas shopping in the January sales and then throughout the year when I see something and turkey!

  60. 1) My parents as I believe it is the time of year I can give them little extra.
    2) I shop all year round, I have even started in the January sales before now,
    3) Definitely pigs in blankets!!

  61. I start thinking about presents in November but I won’t actively buy any presents till Dec. Just doesn’t feel right to start earlier.

    1. Which person’s gift receives the most thought?

      2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? JANUARY

      3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? HOGS IN QUILTS (pigs in blankets)

  62. I put the most throught into my husband’s present as he is soooo picky!
    My shopping usually starts in October
    My favourite is Christmas pudding xx

  63. My husband – what do you buy the man who says he has everything that he wants?
    Srtarted last week – bought some books for daughter and son in law
    Roast turkey and stuffing

  64. 1. My mum as she is quite difficult to buy for
    2. I start normally around October
    3. Pigs in Blankets

  65. I spend the most thought on my mum, I start shopping in the Christmas sales. And love good crispy roast potatoes and stuffing!

  66. 1) My Mum – she’s so generous to everyone else all the time, so I want hers to be perfect!

    2) Late November or Early December – although I’ll make a note of ideas as I get them throughout the year, I don’t like to buy too early in case something needs to be returned (so that I’m not outside the returns period – thankfully lots of shops have extend theirs to January for purchases made in Oct/Nov onwards!)

    3) Chocolate Yule Log – yummy!

  67. 1. My partner’s present receives the most thought.
    2. I used to have all my shopping finished in December, but now it is far too last minute.
    3. It’s the roast chestnuts for me

  68. 1) My brother. Never know what to buy him and end up having to ask his wife for ideas
    2) This year I started in September so have nearly finished it all now.
    3) Stuffing balls / Pigs in Blankets . . . both essential on my Christmas dinner plate

  69. 1. I put the most thought into my boyfriends present because he always gets me the best presents!
    2. I started mine last month but still always end up shopping on Christmas Eve
    3. Turkey & Stuffing!!

  70. My Grandchildren’s presents receive the most thought.
    Used to be last minute shopping now I start in September.
    Turkey and chestnut stuffing.

  71. My mum’s gift always gets the most thought.
    I try to do a bit of christmas shopping throughout the year but most of it I do in December.
    Pigs in blankets are my quintessential christmas food!

  72. My husband. He’s the hardest person to buy for.

    I start around the end of October

    Pigs in Blankets.

  73. 1. My husbands..i mean with a wife like me what more does he need lol
    2. I start in the boxing day sales for the next year
    3. pigs in blankets

  74. 1) my partners as he is so tricky to buy for!
    2) don’t really have a set time.. if I see something I think someone will like I buy it.. except for the kids – tend to leave them till nearer Christmas as they can go off things
    3) pigs in blankets and sprouts!

  75. We love Duck for our Christmas meal! I start my shopping at the beginning of December, and put most thought in my son as he has just about everything already!!

  76. Usually the most thought is for my mum’s presents as she is tricky to buy for. I start shopping in the January sales and put presents away. Christmas dinner has to be turkey!

  77. i put more thought into my children pressies, i dont start shopping till dec. bread sauce for christmas dinner blinkin love that stuff x

  78. I give the most thought to my daughter’s gift.
    I start my Christmas shopping in September.
    Quintessential food for Christmas dinner is Brussels sprouts.

  79. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? All four of my children.

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? I start in septemver and I am always finished and wrapped up by the end of November!

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? The pigs in blankets and sprouts!

  80. We love Panacotta for a light dessert, before lots of cheese and biscuits. I start my shopping in October. I try and put the most thought into what my little boy receives from Santa

  81. 1. My children
    2. I always say i will start in September and by the time ive thought about it i normally actually start the end of November
    3. Turkey and cranberry sauce but for us its roast chicken and honey glazed gammon with homemade family recipe stuffing

  82. I like to give my other half the most thought as hes hard to shop for. I also always start my xmas shopping early as i like to find treats for my mum as she has a nut allergy so is hard to shop for! and has to be the pigs in blankets as its the only time they come out!

  83. My husbands as I never know what to get him! If I see something through the year that I think someone will like at Christmas then I’ll get it so always Christmas shopping And Christmas pudding is a must on Christmas Day

  84. 1) My partners – I love seeing his face when it’s something he’s blown away by!

    2) From September to try & spread the cost.

    3) Roast turkey!

  85. 1. My Husband’s – the kids are super easy as they know exactly what they want
    2. Normally last minute!
    3. Turkey, can’t have Christmas without it

  86. 1. My daughter
    2. January sales
    3Homemade nut roast and roast potatoes. All the family is vegetarian

  87. My husband is the hardest to buy for, so it takes a lot of thought to surprise him

    Normally i am a last minute shopper, but this year i have surprised myself and ive nearly finished

    Pigs in Blankets for sure

  88. 1) I put the most thought into my boyfriend’s gift because he is so hard to buy for! He always says he doesn’t want anything and it is difficult to choose so I have to do a lot of prep and investigation.

    2) I usually start my serious shopping aftern November pay day, but I tend to start buy little bits throughout the year to spread the cost

    3) I think the parsnips and potatoes have to be perfect! Without them it is not quite Christmas dinner1

  89. 1. My mums as I have bought her so many things over the years so I try to find unique gifts
    2. I start in the January sales and try to pick things up over the year.
    3. Brussel Sprouts, I used to hate them and now I love them.

  90. 1) My husbands gift receives the most thought
    2) I start my Xmas shopping around September and but things as I see them!
    3) The most quintessential Xmas dinner food is obviously Brussels sprouts!

  91. I start Christmas shopping in late September or early October. I give the most thought to my husband’s presents as he really deserves something special! For me, the most important part of Christmas dinner is the roast potatoes – I roast them in olive oil, garlic and rosemary and they are divine!

  92. 1) The husband as although I am with him 24/7 I find him the most difficult to choose a present for

    2) Usually the beginning of November

    3) Brussels Sprouts!

  93. 1 – my other half as he is always so hard to buy for! One day I’ll find it easy lol.
    2- I save all year around but do the bulk of my shopping in November.
    3 – pigs in blanket.

  94. ) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? My partner Steve

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? From 19 November as I get paid then.

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food – Brussels.

  95. 1. My childrens
    2. I start in the january sales
    3. It has to be the bread sauce

  96. 1) My sons
    2)I start in August or September
    3) Devils on horseback, we get through piles of them!

  97. Most thought goez int dads pressie – like to purchase something as UNIQUE and special as he is
    I start shopping right after christmas
    Food ! Christmas pudding

  98. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? – my Dad;s because he is so hard to buy for

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? Usually beginning of November!

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? Pigs in blankets

  99. 1. My mother requires most thought.
    2. Start online shopping in October
    3. The turkey and pigs in blankets.

  100. 1. My Husband’s takes the most thought as I never know what to get him.
    2. I start buying in about October normally–I try to spread the cost a bit.
    3. Roast potatoes are the must in our house.

  101. My little girls gift receives the most thought, we are lucky because daphne is so grateful for all of her gifts but i just love looking for things that are as quirky as her!
    I start my shopping on boxing day ha ha i shop all year round!
    The best food on Christmas day is definitely the brussel sprouts mmmm

  102. 1. Our Little Grandson received the most thought
    2. we shop from January and finish by end of August
    3. Sprouts, we are vegetarian and vegan

  103. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? Probably my partners.

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? From about October!

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? Pigs in Blankets

  104. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? My husband’s. He always buys fabulous gifts so I like to give extra consideration to his
    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping?
    Late November
    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food?
    Has to be the turkey.

  105. My childrens gifts recieve the most thought, especially the older 3

    I do my shopping all year, with 8 children it would be chaos to leave it all to do in one go

    Brussels sprouts! We love them!

  106. i always put a lot of thought into my mums gift, it always means a lot to her. I usually start my shopping in september. My perfect part of xmas dinner is the turkey 🙂

  107. Myself and my partner have stopped buying for each other (We get what we need when we need it and Christmas is absolutely amazing time spent with family) but we have some tricky to buy for relatives so it’s definitely them that take the most thought (seems to be a different person we struggle with each year).

    I start Christmas shopping whenever it makes sense to, if I saw something perfect for someone in the boxing day sales id have no quarms getting it for next year but equally not worried if I’ve got nothing by November 🙂 we’ve been known to shop on Christmas eve, lol.

    It’s got to be pigs in blankets but I do love a prawn cocktail too 🙂

  108. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought?
    My hubby takes the most thought because he has everything
    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping?
    Start buying present in September, food about 2 weeks before Christmas
    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food?
    Pigs in blankets

  109. Find it diffult to find gifts for my hubby was thinking of a boring coat this year lol

  110. my hubby as he can never make up his mind i usually start in november and it has to be my homemade mince pies

  111. my mother’s gift always gets the most thought, I start no earlier than the beginning of December; Xmas Pudding is “THAT” dessert!

  112. !. the kids
    2. january sales and then all through the year
    3. christmas pudding

  113. 1) Definitely my other half’s. He is quite hard to buy for so I try to pick up on any small signs and any minor hints he might drop. I love seeing him surprised on Christmas Day!
    2) I usually start as early as September but have been a little later this year. I bought my first gift at the end of October.
    3) It’s got to be the good old mince pie!

  114. 1. My hubby as he’s so fussy…it drives me insane.2. genuinely start Around now…First week November. 3. Christmas Pudding.

  115. My Daughter 19, very hard to buy for! What do you get a 19 year old! I shop all year round, I have a lot to buy for, and it saves time and money – and Roast spuds! Fight me 😉

  116. My mother in law is the hardest to buy for as she keeps everything still in the box, unused because it is “too good”
    I start shopping around October
    Mince pies

  117. I will be honest my mum can be tricky to buy for but overall everyone is fairly easy!!
    Ive already started shopping and christmas food has to beee nut roast with gravy YUM

  118. My dad is the hardest to buy for, he never likes to replace old or broken things and definitely not adventurous to try new things.
    I start my shopping in November, I have 4 kids to spoil so I need lots of time.
    Christmas food must is mince pies!

  119. My husband is the hardest to buy for, doesn’t really like aftershave , likes gadgets but they tend to be expensive!

    I start shopping at the end of November (after payday!)

    My favourite Christmas foods are home-made mince pies, home-made bread sauce, and special cheeses!

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