Rain Clouds in a Jar

Rain Clouds in a Jar

Harrison and Alex love science, and are beginning to understand that if it is cloudy it sometimes means that it is going to rain. This was a really simple, but effective (and pretty!) ‘experiment’.

I filled up some clean empty jars about 2/3 full with water and squirted a big blob of shaving foam on to the top to cover the opening of the jar, and left it for a few minutes to settle. I then set out a few small containers of water coloured with liquid food colouring and a couple of plastic spoons. If you have eye droppers or pipettes it would work even better, and be great for fine motor control development. We haven’t got either but the spoons worked perfectly well.

Rain Clouds in a Jar

We carefully dropped some of the coloured water into the shaving foam ‘clouds’ and watched the colour slowly spread through the foam. After a while, the coloured water began to drip through into the clear water (the ‘rain’), creating some lovely swirly patterns. We did this using other colours and the effect was beautiful! Eventually the water becomes so discoloured you can’t see the drops anymore but we were having so much fun we just did it again!


This was a great way of introducing a scientific concept to the boys. We talked about how the clouds were getting really heavy and fill of the coloured water and when they became too full, they needed to let some of the water out.

Now, when it rains we can look up at the clouds and remember that it is because they are full of water!

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    1. Liska, never be terrified of craft! I’m not naturally arty or crafty and I hate mess so all the activities on my blog are low mess (relatively!) And easy!

  1. This is such a great way to help a child to understand why the clouds produce rain, the beginning of their understanding of the water cycle.

  2. My boys love doing this, such a fun simple activity that really helps them understand

  3. This is brilliant! I really should start doing more things like this with my son now. Thanks for the inspiration I have pinned it for future reference!

  4. That’s a clever idea for younger kids to try.Are you following Science Sparks? There’s lots of ideas over there like this.

  5. such a cute idea! I keep seeing amazing posts like this with ideas for activities for older kiddies and sort of want my baby to grow up quicker!

  6. Grace says – this is one of my favourite #minicreations of the week. I cannot wait to have a go at making one of these. Now……………….. just need to get mummy to get all the stuff for it………
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  7. This is such a cool idea, F is always asking me about the weather and how to explain the water cycle. I’m definitely going to earmark this craft activity! x

  8. How clever are you, this is great for explaining rain, have a youngster with a very enquiring mind, so i will have to give this a try

  9. Will really brighten brighten up our day through lockdown – great fun

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