Dandelion Painting

Because the weather has been nice again this week we’ve been playing in the garden and haven’t done much in the way of crafty stuff, as they love playing in their cars and on their bikes, checking to see if they can see any strawberries growing yet and hunting for worms and caterpillars.

Whilst watching them playing, I noticed that the lawn was covered in dandelions. I known they’re weeds but they’re actually quite pretty, and the kids love picking them and presenting me with a bunch! This gave me an idea – we could use them as paintbrushes and stampers. We collected a selection of the biggest and prettiest looking ones and then sat on our wall. We chose three lovely spring colours and had a go at stamping the dandelion into the paint and then pressing it on to the paper.

Painting with Dandelions | www,parenthoodhighsandlows.com

The effects were really lovely, especially when you stamp different colours together. The kids absolutely loved it and did sheet after sheet of prints!

Painting with Dandelions | www.parenthoodhighsandlows.com

Have a go at using various flowers and see what effects they create!

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