‘How To Catch A Star’ Water Play

We recently received a beautiful copy of How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary.

To join in with the celebrations, I thought it would be really nice to do some activities based on the story. We received a lovely little pack of plastic glow in the dark stars which sadly won’t stick to anything in the boys room, but made the perfect accessory for our water play today!

I filled up our plastic tub with some warm water, added some blue food colouring, and gave it a bit of a whisk. I chucked in the stars, and added a few foam stars from our art cupboard.  I set it out on the yard with a couple of plastic bowls, ladle and big serving spoon.

They had so much fun catching the stars with the spoon and ladle, spooning and pouring water into the bowls and tipping it back into the tub. We talked about which star was the biggest and which was the smallest.

How to Catch A Star Water Play

After a good hour or so there was more blue water on the yard than in the tub, and Alex decided to finish off by emptying out the rest – all I can say is thank god we did this outdoors!! It also led to a lovely discussion when, a couple of hours later, Harrison noticed the water had disappeared, so we had a chat about the sun drying it all up.

Watch our for more How To Catch A Star themed activities over the next few days!!

22 thoughts on “‘How To Catch A Star’ Water Play”

  1. It hasn’t been warm enough here to play in water. We are suppose to be getting some more snow tonight and maybe Monday also. I am so done with winter.

  2. What a fab activity! My little niece loves stars! I’m going to dig out the craft foam and make some so she can play this game round our house x

  3. Cute, and great idea! Can’t wait to get back out in the garden. Him indoors is currently out there with a rake and several big bags…. #winterneglect

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