Easter baskets, The A Word and Potty Training #LittleLoves

Wahey! We have broken up for Easter! Two weeks of lie ins (I wish), and no rushing around getting ready for school and work. Even though it hasn’t been all that long since the February half term, I am more than ready for this one! We have a few things planned for the holidays, but will make sure we have a few nice chill-out days as well, ready for the long 7 week term when we go back.

Onto this week’s Little Loves…


Last night I sat up and watched ‘The A Word’, which I had recorded earlier on in the week. I thought it was really good and handled the issue really sensitively. I can’t wait to see the next one now.

I also watched Harrison’s Easter assembly at school which was lovely. We were sitting right at the front, and it was really weird sitting there and realising that next year we will be watching two children in their Easter assemblies. It also means we will be making not one, but two easter baskets or hats (whichever school ask them to make next year). That will be fun! Harrison actually won the prize for his class for the paper plate Easter basket that he made on the weekend – he was very proud and came home proudly bearing his Easter egg prize!




I’m still slowly making my way through my Torey Hayden collection. I think I have two or three books left. Gone are the days where I could read one in a few hours – now I manage a couple of chapters a night!


I always find this bit really difficult – I never think to take photos of anything I wear! My work wardrobe generally consists of leggings and long tunic style tops or dresses with a pair of knee high flat boots. To be honest, that’s what I wear whether I am at work or at home! A few weeks ago I did buy this dip hem top from New Look, which I have worn this week. I wear it over a really long black tshirt or vest top and leggings. I’ll try to remember to take a photo next time I have it on!


We made our paper plate Easter baskets on the weekend, which was a lot of fun. I’ve also been making some laminated pictures and things to go up in the boys playroom once it has been painted over Easter. I have so many plans for that room – I can’t wait to show you it when it’s been finished!


And Lastly…

Alex is potty trained!! We started last week and in all that time he has had just one accident (and that was when he was poorly). Not only has he cracked it during the day, but he is out of nappies at night as well. We were starting to panic – he’s 3 and a half and a lot later at starting than a lot of children but he just wasn’t ready until now. It definitely proves that waiting until they are ready pays off. It has been so easy!! Just one more child to go….


How was your week?




One thought on “Easter baskets, The A Word and Potty Training #LittleLoves

  1. Those easter baskets are so cute! YAY for potty training too! T is three in May and his sister was potty trained just after she turned two so I have been stressing a little. You give me hope that it will all be ok! Have a lovely Easter x

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