Me & Mine | January 2017

This was something I was determined to join in with this year. As I’ve mentioned before, there are very few family photos and it’s something I hate not having. It’s quite tricky getting a photo of everyone – either needing to balance my camera on something or get someone passing to take a photo and hope they manage to get a fairly decent one. I decided just after Christmas to treat myself to a tripod so we could get more photos of us all together. This was the very first photo I took using my tripod at the beginning of January, at Dinas Dinlle beach. It was just before sunset and it was a beautiful backdrop for a family photo!

Me & Mine | January 2017

dear beautiful

4 thoughts on “Me & Mine | January 2017

  1. Ahh welcome this year and gorgeous snap by the water. Such a lovely place to capture your family together. I can’t wait to see yours each month. It’s such a great project to look back on and to make ourselves get out from behind the camera to be with our family. Happy month ahead. #meandmineproject

  2. Love the back drop! The tripod is so handy isn’t it?? I find linking up with #meandmine every month has been great to make us get the family photo’s, one of the best things I joined 🙂 xx

  3. Nice to meet you, I’m joining get Me and Mine this month too.

    I haven’t decided how I’m going to conquer the battle of actually getting the photos yet, but I’ll figure something out!

    Love the beach photo though, looking forward to next months!

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