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This photo of the Marble Church in Bodelwyddan is another throwback from the February half term – I’ve been really rubbish at taking photos this year. The weather was too bad to get out a lot of the time, and the rest of the time I was asleep/feeling like death from growing another human. We did go out yesterday to Llandudno, and I hoped to take some lovely pictures while the sun was shining – until I realised I had left my memory card in my laptop.

The real name of the church is St Margaret’s Church, but everyone calls it the Marble Church. It’s pretty spectacular, and contains 14 different types of marble (hence the name!). We’ve driven past it so many times and had promised to take the boys for a look. They were pparticularly interested in the Canadian War Graves in the graveyard.

Marble Church, Bodelwyddan

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Marble Church. North Wales

9 thoughts on “Marble Church | My Sunday Snapshot”

  1. That surely is a beautiful church! How annoying to forget your memory card. I’ve done that myself.

  2. How lovely it is. I am in awe of the construction skills of those who built old churches and cathedrals without the modern machines available today. The graveyards around them are an interesting snapshot of their time, too.

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