A Morning in Llandudno

Not having a car and living here is tough. Whilst we are lucky that we have a beach and a big Asda at the bottom of the road, everywhere else is a long way on the bus. Rhyl is about a half an hour walk, but there’s not a great deal there. We’ve really struggled to be honest, especially as the weather has been so bad. We’ve all got a bit of cabin fever and can’t wait for a car (by the time you read this, we should have one!) and the spring!

Llandudno has always been one of our favourite places to go for a walk, a play on the beach, a coffee or a bit of shopping. It’s only about 20 minutes down the road in the car. Benjamin was getting restless at home – and I can’t blame him so we decided that we would head there on the bus. We knew it would take us a good 45 minutes, but it was well over an hour to get there in the end. That sounds horrific, and in Birmingham, the thought of spending that long on a bus was my idea of hell, but the North Wales buses are clean, comfy (free wifi and charging ports!) and the views are pretty good! It was lovely just sitting there with Benjamin, being able to look at the stuff that I can’t see when I’m driving and relaxing. He absolutely loved it! caHe had a carton of juice and brioche in his little backpack to munch on the way.

We knew we wouldn’t have time to do much more than have a quick play and a coffee when we got there – we needed to be back for a nursery appointment at 2 pm and to pick the boys up from school. We definitely spent more time travelling there than we did actually in Llandudno, but that was half of the fun!

Once we got off the bus, we headed to Greggs for me to grab a coffee and Benjamin to choose a gingerbread man, which is his favourite treat. We popped the biscuit in his backpack and wandered down to the seafront. It was a sunny day, but cold. We had it pretty much to ourselves. We sat awhile on the benches along the prom, where I drank my coffee and Benjamin played with his ever-present toy cars – they go everywhere with us!

We then walked down to the beach for quick play and a walk along the boardwalk., with Llandudno Pier and the Grand Hotel as a backdrop.

We headed back up to the prom so Ben could eat his gingerbread man – but a giant seagull swooped down and took the gingerbread man straight from his hand. There were a few tears, but the promise of another one cheered him up.

The bus stop was right outside Greggs, so we held onto the gingerbread man tightly until we were safely on the bus. We sat upstairs so we could enjoy the views over the sea. He lasted about ten minutes before he was spark out!

4 thoughts on “A Morning in Llandudno”

  1. I love Llandudno! It’s always been the place to go on weekends. It’s actually where we’re headed right now. I’ve done the bus trip from Caernarfon to Llandudno and you’re right, it’s a great trip! The views are amazing and add in the free wi-fi it’s perfect!

  2. Looks beautiful, we often go for a walk along the beach, i enjoy it, its quiet and peaceful

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