An Afternoon in Rhos-on-Sea

2018 has been a bit rough on us so far. We started it off with no car, and then when we finally got a car, I came down with some horrific virus (which was possibly glandular fever) and it completely wiped me out. Not only that, the kids have had chickenpox and our landlord has decided that he wants to sell our house, so we’re in the process of moving yet again. We’ve pretty much been knee deep in boxes for a few weeks now, but thankfully, have found somewhere lovely to move to in the next couple of weeks.

Because of this, we haven’t really got out and about exploring as much as we usually would. In fact, we’ve barely been out this year at all. So, when a sunny and dry day presented itself in the half-term, we threw down the packing tape and the bubble wrap and headed out to one of my favourite little spots for a play and a brew – Rhos-on-Sea.

As soon as I told the boys where we were going, they ran to dig out their funky wellies from Chipmunks. Harrison had opted for the brightly coloured Stirling Junior design, Alex had chosen the pirate ones and Ben went for the shark design

We pretty much always wear our wellies to the beach because who can resist paddling in the shallows, even in the middle of the winter? Not my boys! They also love finding the sandy puddles left by the tide on the beach and jumping in them. Wellies keep their feet dry and the Chipmunk ones have a lovely lining to keep their feet toasty.

The boys headed straight for the sea, which was beginning to go out and jumped and splashed in there for a good while. Ben, who is still a little cautious of the sea opted to play with his cars and diggers on the sand. We then headed down the prom to a little shack for a cookie and juice (for them) and a mug of steaming hot coffee for me to warm up a little.

Chipmunks Footwear has launched a competition to find Britain’s Muddiest Wellington Boots. All the details can be found by visiting the website. Our wellies stayed remarkably clean this time around, but there’s been many a time when they’re caked in wet sand or mud. Before we moved to Wales, mud really bothered me but here we have totally embraced it!

*We were sent the wellies free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions are our own.

3 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Rhos-on-Sea”

  1. Great wellies!

    Whilst in Rhos -on – Sea it’s worth visiting the tiny church of St Trillo (seating for 6!)

    Love stormy days in Rhos when the waves crash over the barriers.

    A lasting memory of Rhos-on- Sea for me though is choosing what looked from outside like a trendy cafe. Well it was different – on entering the first thing we saw was an old man eating his dinner around his false teeth. His teeth must have been hurting him so he had set them don in the middle of his plate! Cured my hunger 🙂

    1. Yes, I’ve heard about St Trillo (wrote about it for some freelance work I do but never actually visited it!). We’ve been to Rhos when it’s been stormy and watched the waves – it’s pretty spectacular! That’s one memory to take away from the place lol x

  2. Looks a brilliant place
    Funny how the little ones always make a dash to the sea !

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