The Ordinary Moments | Pumpkin Picking in Anglesey

I’ve always wanted to take the kid’s pumpkin picking, ever since it became a thing. I mean, scroll through Instagram and Facebook at this time of year and it is just full of kids in big muddy fees full of them. We’d never got round to it for some reason – I dunno, maybe not having one too local to us?

pumpkin picking anglesey

A couple of weeks ago we had gone to Plas Newydd house on Anglesey, a 40 minute or so drive from us. As we were driving through Anglesey, we noticed a Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch at Hooton’s Farm. When we got home, we had a look and the reviews looked great, so that was the plan for the weekend with our friends.

We were really lucky that the weather was ok – I can imagine it being a lot less fun if it is wet and muddy! It was easy enough to get to and free to get in. It was busy – and we did groan, thinking it could make it less enjoyable – but it was more than big enough for everyone.

Entrance to the pumpkin patch was free; you just pay for the pumpkins that you pick. There was certainly enough choice, with at least three huge fields full of pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colours. I literally did not realise there were so many different types!

We had a little trolly to pull around and put the pumpkins in, and the kids did go a bit mad, filling it! I have to admit, it was quite difficult to choose one because as soon as you thought you had chosen the perfect pumpkin, you would find another one, or one that was equally as lovely but a different colour or shape. First-world problems right there!

We ended up coming home with a few pumpkins – white ones, green ones, yellow ones, and of course, orange ones. At the moment they are on display on the fireplace but closer to Halloween we will look at carving them.

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