Llanddulas Beach | My Sunday Snapshot

Over Easter, we played at being tourists in the area that we live. I’ll be (probably) writing a blog post about it at some point, but it was lovely to get out and about and view the places that we often take for granted with fresh eyes with my parents. We have been to Llanddulas beach once before with some friends, but this is the first time we’ve gone for a proper walk and explore. It’s stupid really, as it’s only ten minutes down the road from our house!

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9 thoughts on “Llanddulas Beach | My Sunday Snapshot”

  1. So beautiful. It’s funny how we do this isn’t it. We live in beautiful Norfolk and there are still so many places here that we need to visit.

  2. Gosh it looks much like our bay with the windmills.. beautiful still! Thanks for linking up and for sharing with #MySundaySnapshot x

  3. We have a beach near us, and have never really explored it either, i do love Wales a beautiful part of Britain

  4. I think this beach is stunning – I love it when it is quiet – usually when the weather is not quite as good!

  5. Nice to get outdoors. Yes, we can view locations differently:- What is local can be more appealing / appreciated in later years. Sometimes nostalgia, good memories, more appreciative of peace and quiet, etc.

    Returning to places / venues previously visited can be nice, healthy, good for our wellbeing. With this blog the experience was shared with family and was intergenerational, Well Done!

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