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15 weeks – well and truly into the second trimester now! Last week was quite a tough week, to be honest, especially after two or three weeks where I had lots of energy and felt really good. I felt really sick at times, especially on an evening, and didn’t sleeping very well. That may well be because of the weather we had and the fact that my ‘lovely’ neighbour has decided to put up a bloody wind chime which drove me insane all night.

I also seem to have, very randomly, developed what I can only describe as a complete aversion to anything bread or pasta based. I have no idea what it is, whether it is a texture thing or one of the ingredients in there is causing it, but I manage two or three mouthfuls before needing to throw up, usually mid-mouthful (there’s a lovely image for you!). I thought it might be something to do with the carbs at first, but potatoes and cereal don’t seem to affect me, so I’m not sure what it is. I’m high risk of gestational diabetes, so I think cutting down on carbs isn’t a bad thing, but it’s really quite annoying. Most of my lunchtime meals are bread or pasta based, and it’s been tricky to find something to have. With that and the tiredness, and being cooped up with the horrendous weather, I felt a bit grumpy last week, and my patience has been a little thin at times. This week, touch wood, seems to have been a little better. The heartburn has kicked in with a vengeance though this week – thankfully, my latest craving – Greek yogurt with honey – seems to ease it a little.

15 weeks pregnant - The pregnancy diaries

I mentioned in my 13 week update that I thought I had begun feeling little flutters, and last week I know for sure, with little pokes and prods to my insides every so often, mostly on an evening. I could lie on my tummy up until about mid-week, and then suddenly, it started getting a little bit uncomfortable. I’m beginning to ‘feel’ pregnant now, and can see a change in the shape of my (admittedly already on the larger size!) tummy.

Next Wednesday, we have a scan at Window to the Womb in Ellesmere Port so the boys can meet their baby sibling – and we can find out whether we are adding another boy to the mix or a little girl. Up until the weekend, I was convinced it was a girl, now I’ve swung to it being a boy. Of course, a little girl would be lovely, but if I’m honest, this is a ‘bonus baby’ – one we never thought we would have, so either way, we are over the moon!

15 Weeks - The Pregnancy Diaries

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  1. HOW exciting – my neice has had her scan – it’s a beautiful baby girl

  2. Aww I love the little flutters when pregnant, I suffered terrible heartburn on my girls and couldnt keep chinese down, the exhaustion is terrible too, but all worth it in the end xx

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