13 Weeks | The Pregnancy Diaries

I wasn’t sure – I’m still not – how to do this. I love going back and reading updates that I did throughout my pregnancy with Ben, but I’m also aware that some weeks, nothing interesting happens and it can be a bit dull. I’ll probably do one every couple of weeks instead this time.

So, 13 weeks. I think that’s the beginning of the second trimester, but it might be next week. I dunno. Anyway, we’ve now seen baby twice, and finally have a due date – 9th September. It’s a week later than my dates suggested, but I guess after having the miscarriage in October, everything was a bit all over the place.

13 weeks pregnant - the pregnancy diaries

Last week was half term and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit worried. I’ve been so exhausted and the thought of entertaining three children, working and growing an earlobe or whatever important developments were happening to Sheepie (Ben’s name for the baby!) was a bit daunting. As it was, particularly at the beginning of the week, I had a burst of energy and we were out and about. There was one day where I was knackered but we’d decided on a chill day that day anyway.

13 weeks pregnant - the pregnancy diaries

I was very randomly sick this week. It was only the second time this pregnancy (first time was heartburn related) and it happened straight after dinner. Not sure if my food (a lovely curry!) was a bit spicy for my tummy, but yeah, that was nice. At least Graham isn’t squeamish when it comes to cleaning up vomit…

The fruit cravings seem to have disappeared a little this week, and now it just appears to be random things at random times of the day, which is annoying. Mashed potato with egg at 2 am was a particularly irritating one – I don’t even like mashed potato!

We’ve also chosen – we think – our baby names but other than telling our family and a few close friends, I think we may keep that to ourselves until he or she is here.

I think – and it’s at that ‘is it? Isn’t it?’ stage still – that I’m feeling those first baby flutters. It seems to be more on an evening when I’m lying down and relaxing but there was definitely something going on in there one afternoon. I think I felt Ben around 14/15 weeks, so I think for baby number 4, this point would be about right. It’s probably my favourite part about being pregnant, and it is DEFINITELY the last time I will experience it, so I’m making the most of every little flutter and kick! 

13 Weeks Pregnant | The Pregnancy Diaries

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  1. I have 3 children too, but wont be having anymore, I would love to but my fiance is 14 years older than me at 43 and had a heart attack last year, it was very severe so he needs to go on the transplant list, our 3rd child wasnt planned but we wouldnt change her for the world, she was 2 at the beginning of the month, sorry to read you suffered a miscarriage in October, but lovely to read this little one is doing so well, even with the strange cravings, I only suffered heartburn and sickness on my girls, I also had little neat bumps, whereas with my son I had a very big bump, infact he was 5 weeks early and weighed 6lb 15oz the midwife said he would have been at least 10lb if he arrived on his due date, but apart from the huge bump I didnt have any sickness, heartburn or lack of energy xxx

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