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24 weeks pregnant! I haven’t written a blog post for a couple of weeks because they were pretty uneventful, so this is a catch up from them. It feels like a big week this week because it’s the point of viability – if, god forbid, I went into labour from this point on, she would have a chance of survival and the doctors would do what they could to keep her alive.

Hormones seem to be the big player this week, with them really making me turn into an emotional wreck that cried at just about anything. Things I’ve cried about the past couple of weeks include:

  • My brother’s wedding video from last year
  • Game of Thrones
  • Being able to feel baby girl kick when I put my hand on my tummy
  • My brother turning 30 (I mean, why the fuck is that making me cry?)
  • Looking through old photos of my uni friends
  • Hanging baby clothes out

I thought I’d escaped being an over-emotional cliche this time around but apparently not. I guess it’s a good thing that they’re all ‘nice’ things to get all teary over though and I haven’t turned into angry bear…yet!

She’s definitely making herself known in my tummy now, kicking and rolling about all the time. Some of the gentle kicks have turned into great thumps and she’s doing what I can only imagine are somersaults in there. I woke up one morning and was a bit concerned I had a UTI brewing – you know that ‘I need a wee but I only went ten seconds ago’ feeling? It turns out it was the little madam using my bladder as a trampoline, so that was nice. The boys have also felt her kicking, which was a pretty magical moment.

My short-lived craving for ice lollies seems to have passed and it has been replaced with milk. Ice cold milk. It’s really bizarre because that is something I craved all the way through with all three of the boys, and this time around it seems to have come back again. If she turns out anything like her brothers, she will be a little milk monster!

I mentioned baby clothes above and that’s because we have pretty much got everything we need now in terms of clothes until she is 6 months old. A few 3-6 baby grows and a coat and that’s pretty much it. A lady on Facebook was selling bags of clothes and we picked them up and have been washing and putting them away. Not saying she has a lot of clothes, but we are slowly drowning under a sea of pink!

I can’t remember if I mentioned this (yeah, baby brain is real!) but I had an appointment with my consultant a couple of weeks ago. I was all set to fight for a C-section but actually, after a lot of discussion, it looks like we will be opting for a natural birth, all being well. Because of my history of fast labours and tearing, they may offer sweeps from 38 weeks with possible induction but I also have regular scans so we will see how they go before making any decision. I’m actually really excited to do it ‘naturally’ – in a very weird way, I do love labour and the build-up to meeting your baby. I’m also a real wimp and the thought of a section is scary! It is taking a bit of getting my head around because I didn’t think I’d be going through labour. I’m doing a hypnobirthing course to try and prepare myself for it as much as possible. I’ll probably talk about it more in another post though.

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  1. Oòoo exciting times – you really are so organised too

  2. It’s all very exciting for you. I went through all this last year when my daughter was pregnant with my first Grandchild. I now have a beautiful Granddaughter.

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