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I wasn’t going to write a pregnancy update every week, but actually, last week seems to have been one full of new things and changes, so it seemed right to write one!

So, I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and it’s starting to go quite quickly. I’ve got a definite baby bump now – I went to bed on Wednesday night looking like I had a few too many slices of cake and woke up on Thursday morning with a proper bump. I don’t remember suddenly ‘popping’ with the other three, it was more of a gradual growth, but this bump just appeared from nowhere, literally overnight! On the downside (there is always one, isn’t there?), I appear to have begun to suffer with morning sickness. I mean, c’mon, most women’s sickness eases up at this point – for me, it starts! I’m hoping it’s just a big hormonal blip or something.

16 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve had my second midwife appointment as well. I wasn’t sure about her the first time I met her – she seemed a little abrupt and not really the caring, friendly sort of person you would hope your midwife would be, but actually, she seems ok. My blood pressure is fine, and she let me listen to baby’s heartbeat, which I know a lot of midwives won’t do until further on. She found baby straight away and it was lovely – and reassuring! However, the downside (yep, as I said up there, there is always one!) is that for the second time in a row, I have sugar showing in my urine samples, which means I more than likely have gestational diabetes. I’ve been prepared for this, so it didn’t come as a surprise. I’ll know more when I have my proper GTT in June. I did have a few positive samples when I was pregnant with Ben, although when it came to it, the actual GTT showed I was clear of it, so hopefully, it will be a blip like that again. I’ve started adjusting my diet slightly to see if I can make a difference before then – reducing carbs and sugary foods.

Baby has also become really active over the past week, with lots of fluttering, particularly at night, and the odd little thump. He or she seems to prefer my left side at the moment because that’s where I’m feeling most movements. I don’t think it will be long before the big thumps and kicks start – and I can’t wait!

Next time I do an update, we will know the gender of baby as we have a scan at Window to the Womb on Wednesday evening – keep an eye out for our gender reveal! We have decided (I think!) on our names now, but we will be keeping those to ourselves until baby is here.

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  1. A lovely update, I suffered with sickness all the way through on my 2nd, I love listening to their heartbeats when I’m pregnant, I always fill with tears hearing it xxx

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