Meal Planning Monday 30/3/20


How are you holding up? I did say last week that it would probably be the last meal planning Monday for a while, but actually, I think more than ever people may need inspiration and ideas, so I am going to share as much as I can.

I haven’t been shopping other than to the local shop for milk and bread since the whole crisis started, and we were lucky to have done our usual big shop just days before things went crazy, so we have had enough. This week we ran out of things like fruit, fresh meat, etc, but we’ve been lucky enough to source a local greengrocer and a butcher who does deliveries, so we are well stocked up on that. Graham works in a cheese factory, so we are covered on that base, so it is just things like beans, tinned tomatoes, etc we are running low on. I also did a bit of a freezer check and we have lots of frozen veg and things like hash browns and waffles.

I have had a lot of my work paused temporarily thanks to budgets being frozen, so I am having more time to experiment and cook, and the kids are getting involved. Last week we made a rhubarb and banana crumble and puff pastry pizzas, both of which went down a treat. I think this week we will be having lots of tray-bake type meals, as they are easy for the kids to help with.

meal planning monday

Meal Plan

Sticky baked sausages with roasted vegetables

Fish and broccoli potato bake

Steak and ale pie with mash and veg

Chicken nuggets, chips and peas

Chorizo, halloumi, and tomato traybake


Roast dinner

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