Hexbugs Nano Playground Review

*AD – The Hexbugs Nano Playground was a gifted product

We’ve heard lots about Hexbugs, and they seem to be really popular in the boys’ age group, but we weren’t quite sure of what they were all about. I know they are perfect for STEM activities and creativity, but aside from that, they were a bit of a mystery to us. After reviewing this Hexbugs Nano Playground, I can firmly say that we are ALL in the fans camp, and I can see Hexbugs featuring in many Christmas and birthday lists in the future.

What are Hexbugs?

Hexbugs are diddy little robotic creepy crawlies that scuttle about, navigating obstacles and showing off their different abilities. There are several Hexbugs – some bigger, some smaller. They range from spiders and beetles to the tiny little Nano bugs, which is what is included in the Hexbugs Nano Playground set.

Hexbugs Nano Playground

The Hexbugs Nano Playground

The Hexbugs Nano Playground is, quite literally, a playground for the Nano bugs. It comes with a hexagonal launch platform with ramps. The platform has side clips and ‘walls’ to stop the Nano bugs from scuttling off the edge, although we had fun watching them fall off. There are eight super flexible jelly walls, which using the connectors, can be joined together to the ramps in any configuration that you like. There are also two merry-go-round obstacles for the bugs to navigate.

The Nano bugs are compatible with other sets so play can be continually extended. The bugs take LR44 batteries, which are included so you can get them out and play with them straight away. They are turned on and off using a small switch underneath the bug.

What did the boys think?

They loved them. They loved setting up different configurations for the playground and watching the bugs go around the merry-go-round. Elizabeth loved watching them as well, although because of small parts, the set is not advised for children under the age of 3.

I think we will use the bugs to set up obstacle courses and assault courses at home – a great STEM learning activity!

The Hexbugs Nano Playground can be bought from Amazon and Smyths and has an RRP of £24.99.

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