Eat Sleep Doodle Washable Place Mat | Review

You know when you come across a product that is really simple but really clever? Well, these washable table mats with washable fabric pens from Eat Sleep Doodle is one of these.

Eat Sleep Doodle Review and Giveaway |www.parenthoodhighsandlowsEat Sleep Doodle Review and Giveaway |

In the pack, there are four white cotton table mats, printed with a plate and cutlery, and a pack of washable fabric pens (which come in a handy zipper packet).  The pens are double ended – one end is broader and one is fine, perfect for all those creative doodles.

Eat Sleep Doodle Review and Giveaway |

We all had lots of fun one night after school decorating the mats – it is definitely an activity you can do as a family. I think Graham and I had just as much fun with them as the kids!

Eat Sleep Doodle Review and Giveaway |

Eat Sleep Doodle Review and Giveaway |

Eat Sleep Doodle Review and Giveaway |

Eat Sleep Doodle Review and Giveaway |

The best thing about these is that they can be popped into the wash, ready to decorate all over again, providing hours of fun and creativity.

Priced at £20 for a pack of four mats, I think these would make brilliant stocking fillers for Christmas (yes, I did just mention Christmas!) and are ideal for keeping kids amused whilst everyone is at the table. They are available on the Eat Sleep Doodle website.

*We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.

149 thoughts on “Eat Sleep Doodle Washable Place Mat | Review”

  1. I love the doodle Christmas stocking! please thank you .daughter would love it .x

  2. I like the placemat to go. My sister and her husband eat out a fair bit with my niece and I think this would be a good distraction for the little one while she’s waiting for her food.

  3. Love the doodle duvets but not sure I would trust my kids with it. I might end up with doodle floor and walls!

  4. I would love the doodle duvet, why didn’t they have these things when we were kids x

  5. I think my favorite thing is the the doodle placemat set of 4!! I just think it would be so fun!

  6. has to be the doodle duvet, but might be a issue when i was a change it to anther duvet!! x

  7. I’ve got to get the doodle advent calendar bunting, so much better than boring cardboard doors

  8. The doodle tablecloth. It would be great to use on xmas day, especially if everyones had a bit to drink!!

  9. Would definitely love the single doodle duvet set! It’d be perfect for when my 1 year old moves into his “big” bed and for when we want to keep him occupied on lazy Sunday mornings!

  10. it has to be the doodle table cloth. what a fab idea. I need this in my life 🙂

  11. I would love the tablecloth because then everyone could join in! I cant think of a better icebreaker while everyone is waiting for their food!

  12. The queen duvet looks canny

  13. What a great idea! I love the doodle advent calendar bunting! Good fun! – can do one each day. (@PeanutHog)

  14. these are amazing and would keep my daughter busy while waiting for dinner. love the placemats

  15. I love the Doodle Duvet! That’s such a cool way to deal with the inevitable moments when kids get ink on their bedding, and it solves the whole “I need a notebook next to me in bed for any creative ideas I get while snoozing” problem, too!

  16. I like the Doodle Tablecloth, something to protect the table and keep children entertained while they wait for their tea, it would encourage them to sit at the table more too!

  17. I love the doodle bunting – perfect to keep the little ones busy while I set up

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