Christmas Gifts From Wicked Uncle

My Christmas shopping is all but done for this year, but I’m always on the lookout for ideas and inspiration for next year – and not to mention all the birthdays and parties we have to buy for. Wicked Uncle has always been a favourite of mine – they don’t stock the stuff you can buy at any toy shop on the high street and concentrate on being a bit more fun and exciting.

We were given the chance to have a mooch and a spend on the site, to pick gifts for someone we love. I wanted a little something extra for my one year old nephew and a little treat for the boys, for doing so well in their nativities and Christmas productions.

Ellie and Tigger were very intrigued!

The boys have been asking for pet fish for a long time, and we almost bought some for Alex’s birthday in October. However, with two inquisitive cats, we questioned whether that was a good idea, and came to the conclusion that one day, we would come home to Ellie and Tigz enjoyed fish for their dinner. When we spotted the Aqua Dragons, we knew that they (the kids, not the cats!) would love it. Basically, it’s like a little tank that lights up, and you hatch these tiny little sea creatures from their hibernated eggs. They are real creatures, growing up to 2cm long, so they do need looking after, but they only need feeding every few days and last around three months. It seems like a great way of encouraging a bit of responsibility in the kids. They absolutely love coming home and looking in the tank to the see the dragons, which aren’t quite big enough to see with the naked eye just yet. 

Aqua dragons deluxe from Wicked Uncle
Illuminated Aqua Dragons Deluxe £24.95

For my little nephew Freddie, we saw the 4 piece Arctic Adventure playset. It’s such a simple little toy, but I can imagine it providing hour and hours of fun. My boys were excited to have a quick play with it when we took it out for some photos (Freddie won’t mind!) and they loved it!

Arctic Adventure playset from Wicked Uncle
4 piece Arctic adventure player £9.95

What I love about Wicked Uncle is the speed in which things arrive. I ordered it in the normal way through the website late Friday afternoon and it was delivered by Royal Mail on Monday, so it is perfect for those last minute Christmas pressies!

To have a mooch for yourself, visit their website: Wicked Uncle

*Just to make it clear: the guys at Wicked Uncle gave us a voucher for a few quid to spend on the website.  We weren’t told what to say – we genuinely do like them so it’s all honest and shiz, and they didn’t pay us to write this

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