3 Pieces of Cozy Advice for a Frigid Winter

“When winter gets frigid, you can get rigid, well-prepared, and good to go.” While that may sound motivational, “bring it on, let’s grind through winter in grand styles”, isn’t for you if you are yet to get this information. Telling you to stay warm isn’t a piece of advice. It’s commonsensical. However, knowing how to do that may be. 

So, before winter becomes your worst nightmare, you should get yourself ready with the following warm steps.

Get Winter Proof Wears

To win the cold-weather battle, you must have robust weaponry. It’s that time of the year you need to get wrapped up even when in the house. You also have to layer up when you want to hit the street, maybe for work or other purposes. Make sure you’ve got all it takes. You may need to revisit your closet and see if what you have will get you through the winter. If not, you’ve got some shopping to do.

The best dresses for winter are those made from wool, fleecy fabrics, and cotton. Slippers and warm socks will help keep your feet cozy when you’re indoors. Outside, dressing up in layers, with gloves, scarf, and hats are a complementary shield for you. You don’t want to engage in winter without any of the above.

If you are a fashion geek, layering up can get in the way of your fashion. That’s not very true. It’s possible to find winter clothes that won’t stop you from looking your best. But when you are between the sword and the wall, it’s better to prioritize survival over fashion.

Inspect Your HVAC System

The last thing you want to experience is a heating system problem during winter. Your home heating system kept the temperature of your home at the desired level last winter. Don’t assume it will do the same this year. Dust accumulations, clogs in ductwork, dirty air filter, shut gas valves amidst several other mechanical faults can cause your system to break down. Don’t play the guessing game.

There’s one shot at making sure every part of your heating system is in good condition and ready to serve you. If you notice any issue, make sure you contact an expert. Minor hvac repairs could be all you need. After all, servicing your unit to make it winter-ready will give you peace of mind.

If you have pets or a big household, you should consider increasing the particulate matter in the air. A clean filtration will ensure that you don’t overwork your system to keep you warm.

Heat Up Your Home with The Sun

While your home heating system will go a long way to protect your winter life, the cost of energy to run it will give you concern. The heating system consumes the most energy in homes. In Europe, it amounts to 64% of energy consumption in residence. You want to cut that cost at every chance you get. And there are chances.

The energy from the sun is an infinite source of natural heat you can take advantage of. During the day, keep your curtains and blinds open to let in heat from the sun. Since you’re only opening the blinds and not the window, the heat will accumulate indoors, and you can trap it in there.

Drop your curtains and close the blinds as soon as the sun falls. This prevents the accumulated heat from escaping. Your home should retain that temperature for the night. This also saves you the energy cost of running your heating system for some hours. It’s a smart way to beat winter.

Welcome to Winter

Winter can get extreme. When it does, you don’t want to be caught off guard. With the right knowledge like what you have above, you can escape the ungodly cold that’s out to hunt you.

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