Seven Reasons Babies Cry And How To Soothe Them

You are marveling at how adorable your baby is while wearing those cute batman baby clothes but in no time that angel of yours begins to cry. And based on the fact that you have learned why your baby is crying based on knowing the needs that he or she demands, you immediately change the diaper considering that the baby was just fed. However, even after the diaper change, your baby is still being quite fussy and is still crying. This is where it starts to become frustrating because you believed that you had met your baby’s needs, and yet the crying is continuing. 

The fact of the matter is that the only way that babies can communicate is through crying. They don’t know how to tell you what they need. If they did, they would just tell you what they simply need without having the need to cry. There are a variety of reasons that babies cry, but let’s now go over the 7 common reasons that infants are screaming as they do so in order to get what they need.

1. The Baby Is Hungry

The first thing that parents assume when their baby is crying is that he or she is hungry. Especially if he or she has not had a feeding for a few hours. Then that is quite likely the case. That means when this happens, the mom has to get ready to nurse her baby or if the infant is being formula fed, then it is time to get the bottle ready and the water heated up. And if the baby is really chugging it down, then yes, he or she was hungry, which is why he or she was crying!

2. The Baby Has A Wet Or Soiled Diaper

If the baby just had a feeding, and he or she seems fussy but not uncomfortable, then there is a reason that the baby might be crying. This is because he or she has a wet or soiled diaper. And laying in a dirty diaper is very uncomfortable which means that you will want to make sure that the baby is placed in a clean diaper. And you don’t want your infant to be sitting in a dirty diaper for that long or else that can easily result in a diaper rash which would be very painful! That is why it is essential to have diaper cream handy while changing the baby as it can prevent that from happening. But either way, if the baby has a dirty diaper, it needs to be changed right away. And if the baby did #2 and is crying, there is no mistake with that as to why the baby is crying since anyone can smell that across the room.

3. The Infant Has Colic

This is the most frustrating and distressing reasons that the baby would be crying. Your baby is fed, changed, and is taken care of in any other way! Persistent crying can most definitely be an indication of colic which can be a sign of intestinal or gas pains or reflux, however, it is still unknown. When a baby has colic, he or she will appear to be flushed and there is not much that can be done to calm it. You can give the baby gripe water which is meant to soothe gas, but that doesn’t always help. Sometimes taking the baby on a drive or on a walk can help soothe the colic. However, not always. Colic rarely goes on past 6 months of age and it tends to happen a lot more during the night time. 

4. The Baby Wants To Be Held

If your baby is taken care of in every way and is not uncomfortable, and is crying, then there is a good chance that your baby just simply wants to be held. And there is nothing wrong with that as you cannot spoil a newborn as they need to be held often for security. Older babies, however, know how to manipulate and if your older baby cries after being put down, and he or she seems healthy and has just been fed and changed, then that can be a manipulation tactic. It is okay to ignore an older baby who has just been held and has just been put down as they need to learn to play independently as well. 

5. The Baby Is Too Hot Or Too Cold

A common reason that babies cry is that they are not comfortable with the temperature in the home as they may be too warm or too cold. It is best to keep the home around 15 to 20 degrees Celcius. The rule of thumb is for your baby to wear an extra layer if he or she is wearing clothing that is of the same thickness as you are and if you are comfortable. That means if your baby is crying while wearing those harry potter baby clothes that you thought would keep the infant warm, perhaps a light jacket is a good idea to put on. 

6. Your Baby Is Tired

Imagine how you feel when you are overtired. You just want to cry because being overtired is a horrible feeling. That is one reason that a baby would cry. That is by being overtired and when that happens, it is time to put the baby in for a nap. It may take some time for the baby to fall asleep, but eventually, he or she will conk right out! And then upon waking will be in a better mood. 

7. The Baby Is Sick

If your baby is crying, it can also be a sign that he or she is sick. Always check for a fever if you suspect that your baby is not feeling well, and take your infant to the clinic if necessary. 

It is stressful when a baby cries but that is their only way of communicating. Be patient and just do what you can to make sure that their needs are met! You got this. 

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