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Stationery is a big deal in this house. I’ve always loved pretty notebooks and I’m a sucker for a nice pen, and Harrison has followed in my footsteps. Recently, it looks like Alex and Ben are starting to show an interest, especially when it comes to pens and crayons!

You can imagine, then, how excited they were to receive a package of pens and pencils from Bic Kids. Bic is a household name that we all love and trust – I’ll only ever use a Bic pen!

I was particularly impressed with the Learner Ball Pen Twist System. Harrison is now becoming a confident little writer and is starting to practice his joined up hand writing and Alex is learning to form letters, and good pen and pencil grip is vital for this. These pens have a guiding line to ensure correct finger positioning – it is pretty impossible to hold these wrong!

We were also sent some pencils which have a similar design. They’re chunky triangular shaped graphite pencils with the positioning line and are perfect for both left handed and right handed children.

One thing I always loved when I was younger was those clicky pens that had different colours – but they were always a bit naff to write with. The Bic 4 Colours Ballpoint Pen is so different – it’s so smooth and nice to write with, and the colours are so pretty!

I banned felt tips from our house for a while because I was sick of the kids losing the lids and the pens drying up quickly, but these ones have the lids attached to the case – no more lost lids!

We’re always really impressed with the quality of Bic products, and this selection was no different – especially the felt tip pens!

*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own. 



2 thoughts on “Bic Kids Stationery | Review”

  1. They are a fantastic brand, I used them when I was younger and still do, my children also use them xXx

  2. We love stationary too. Love the idea of the own you can’t hold wrong

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