What to Wear for a Newborn Baby

When you have a little one on the way, clothing is one of the essentials to factor in. You must ensure your newborn will have the right clothes. However, assembling a baby’s wardrobe is not always easy, especially for new parents. For one, you will find that the options are almost limitless. So, settling on several requires patience. You also have to consider various aspects when getting newborn baby clothes, like how fast she or he grows. Find out the basic outfits and what to consider when selecting clothes for a baby in this guide.

The Newborn Checklist

As you browse through baby’s clothing stores, make sure you have the essentials. Bodysuits or onesies are must-haves for a newborn. The outfit is versatile because it can be worn alone, as a shirt or under another fit. Have it in several colors and sizes because the young one can go through several of them in a day. 

Sleepers allow your baby to sleep comfortably. Get a few footed sleepers to keep the little one warm through the night. They are also perfect for when the baby starts fidgeting with socks and booties until they come off.

Mittens not only keep the tiny hands warm but also prevent scratching. However, you might only need a pair or two because they shouldn’t be on all the time.

Bloomers are practical wear for a newborn. The outfit acts as a diaper cover, and, so, can be worn individually. Your baby can also wear bloomers under dresses, over onesies, tights and leggings.

Get beanies for your newborn, regardless of the weather when she or he is born. Babies are highly sensitive to the cold, and beanies are the best ways to prevent that. You can get light and heavy beanies for different weather.

Considerations when Picking Newborn Clothes

Although colors and styles matter, they should not be the only buying criteria for newborn baby clothes.

Comfort is one critical consideration. Regardless of how long your little one will be in a particular outfit, it should be comfortable. Stick to soft fabrics that won’t hurt or irritate the skin. Newborns have sensitive skin, hence, be careful about trying out new materials. Cotton is the best material for newborns.

Prioritize safety. Get clothes that are not a hazard to your child. Small buttons, bows and decorative rhinestones are choking hazards. Avoid sashes, long ties and bows that could wrap around the neck, arms or neck.

Suitable baby clothing should be easy to wear and take off. Dressing time and diaper changes shouldn’t have to be a struggle because you picked outfits that are difficult to pull on or off. Go for front zippers on sleepers and onesies. Snaps on the side or the crotch make diaper changes uncomplicated. Bloomers and leggings should have loose elastic bands. Sleeves and necklines should be loose too.

The right fit is important, as well. Buy clothes that match your child’s weight rather than age. Note that babies outgrow clothes fast. You might have to get a new wardrobe in a few months. So, don’t buy too many outfits.

Shopping for newborn baby clothes can be fun, but only if you know what to look for. Avoid getting carried away with all the cute little outfits you will see. Have an idea of what your baby needs from the start. 

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