“Hangry” Alert! Try out these mouthwatering recipes to beat the heat!

Feeling Angry? Feeling Hungry? Oh! You must be feeling Hangry! So does that mean you are one of those who turn into the most precious human being after eating food? Food is your superpower whose absence awakens your inner devil. In fact, this devil will only make peace after eating food. 

So, why not eat food? Go, tap on your favorite food delivery app and place an order. No, actually, hang on! We’ve got a better plan; instead of ordering pizza, pasta, or burger to calm your hunger, how about cooking something more delicious and appetizing?  

Believe it or not but no restaurant can compete with the taste, flavors, fragrances, and nourishment of homemade dishes. That’s why you should get your apron out of the closet and start preparing for one of the delicious meals you ever had. 

But! Here comes the most difficult question ever created in the whole world: “What to cook?” We know this question spoils half of your cooking mood and the rest of it gets spoiled when you don’t have the right ingredients with you. However, you have got us, and we have the answer to your “what to cook” question. 

To know what the answer is, keep on scrolling! 

Break the fast with Smoothies 

It’s summer season, and it means you must be craving something cold and heavenly drinks that take you to cloud nine. And the best way to satisfy your cravings is by making smoothies (healthy and easy to make). Besides, it doesn’t require lots of ingredients. Just get your fruits, milk, yogurt (optional), add sugar and ice, and blend them together. That’s all! 

Moreover, most people don’t like to eat something heavy and prefer eating small meals throughout the day. So these smoothies are perfect for them as well. 

Eat the big meal of the day with meat. 

If you are in the whole Masterchef mood, then making an appetizer won’t do justice to your mood. That’s why, we’ll suggest you get your “halal groceries” and start preparing for mouthwatering recipes containing meat. In fact, you have endless possibilities of what you can make. You can make dum biryani, Mongolian beef, seared chicken and chilli pasta, Harissa Halloumi Wraps Recipe, Kima pau, and many more. 

Yeah, these dishes are time-consuming. However, when you take their first bite, you realize that it’s worth the wait. 

Sweet ice cream for your sweet tooth 

How often do you find yourself in a “Want to eat but don’t know what to eat” mood? And after thinking for several minutes (that feels like centuries), you found yourself eating ice cream again. Well, we know it isn’t your fault; it’s because you have a sweet tooth. And don’t worry, we won’t blame it; instead, we’ll suggest you pamper your sweet tooth by making ice cream at home.  It’ll be made of organic ingredients and will be more delicious than the market one. Get the sugar, milk, heavy whipping cream, and vanilla extract, mix them and freeze them, and you are all good to go. 

Wrapping up!

The recipes we shared with you are easy to make and can satisfy your hunger quite efficiently. Besides, as you are cooking it on your own,  your stress will reduce, and you’ll enjoy the whole process of calming down your inner hungry demon. So, give it a try!

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