Supermarket Flowers, Hello Fresh and Spring Shoes #LittleLoves

Happy Friday!

As I type this at 6.30am, the sun is shining and the skies are bright blue. It’s going to be a gorgeous day I think! I’ve decided that I’m going to join in with Little Loves fortnightly rather than weekly. Some weeks I really have very little to write about, so I figured doing it every two weeks probably works better for me (and you – it will be more interesting!).


I haven’t done a great deal of reading for pleasure lately – I’ve been so bogged down with work that when it comes to having a few minutes to relax, I fall asleep or just want to zone out in front of the tv! I have had to do a lot of research into North Wales for some work though, and it was really interesting – I’ve learned a lot about the area I live in!


One one of the nights where I was just too knackered to do any work, I flicked through the box sets on Sky and found a series called ’60 Days In’, where a group of 8 people volunteer to spend two months as an undercover inmate in a pretty tough American prison, in an attempt to help the sheriff’s improve the prison. I had to binge watch two series of it because it comes off Sky in a few days, but it was really fascinating. I tell you what, I wouldn’t fancy being locked up in an American prison. Those places are (quite rightly!) harsh!


Again, a lack of time has stopped me making anything of real interest lately, but we have enjoyed putting together some of the meals from Hello Fresh. Here are some Hello Fresh reviews if you had any questions you wanted answered about them before trying them out.

We’ve had two boxes and the meals have been really interesting and tasty. They were combinations and ideas neither of us would have ever thought of, but we are going to try and recreate them on a budget.


I am crazy in love with Ed Sheerhan at the moment (let’s face it, who isn’t?) and he’s been featuring heavily in my Spotify playlist. I absolutely love Supermarket Flowers, and it may have caused a few cases of leaky eyes to an over tired and over emotional Rachel!


Last week, we had a couple of days of beautiful warm sunshine, so we headed to our favourite beach with a picnic. It was so nice not to have to put on boots and thick coats – in fact, we managed to take our jackets and cardi’s off, and even managed to have a (cold!) barefoot paddle in the sea. It was lovely to dig out some summer pumps and wear those as well. I bought these pretties last year from Tesco (£3 – bargain!) but only got round to wearing them once. They’re really quite comfy and add a bit of colour to my rather dark wardrobe! I’ve also bought a pair of Skechers to wear for walking in the summer. They’re getting their maiden wear today on the school run, so I will be sharing them with you next time.

And lastly…

My parents and the dogs are coming up to stay for the weekend tomorrow! I’m super excited – it’s only the second time I’ve seen them since the New Year, because the bad weather has stopped them coming. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous so we will be going for a walk along the beach and no doubt pop into the harbour cafe for a cup of coffee in the sunshine.

Have a good weekend!

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