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Our three boys are outside at every opportunity. If we can’t go out, they’re in the garden playing on their various outdoor toys, so I knew they would be over the moon when smarTrike sent us out one of their brand new scooters.

smarTrike T5 Scooter Review

There are three models available, suitable for children aged 15 months to 3 years. We were sent the T5 model, which is aimed at children aged 3 years and above. Of course, when it came they couldn’t wait for me to put it together so they could argue over who was going first on it!

smarTrike T5 Scooter Review

Now, as I said it is for children aged 3 and over, but I haven’t managed to get any photos of the big’uns on it thanks to rubbish winter light. However, Ben had a little go on it down by the promenade (he’s 2) and whilst he couldn’t steer it properly or use the brake, he managed to work out exactly how to scoot along on it. Pushing it up and down the board walk was lots of fun as well!

The scooter is really well made, with a sturdy rubber foot board to stop them slipping off. Being a three wheeler, it’s much steadier and easier for them to balance on – perfect for the little ones. It has a unique two-stage riding system. The first stage is where they can practice and gain confidence in scooting. You can activate the T-Lock function which stops the handlebars from tilting. Once they’ve got the hang of it, you can engage the tilting mechanism so they can learn to freestyle and show off their expert scooting skills. Ben managed okay with the T-Lock on, Harrison and Alex were straight away showing off without it! The handle is telescopic, so the scooter grows along with your child meaning many years of scooting fun.

smarTrike t5 scooter review

The smarTrike T5 scooter is available to buy from Amazon and is available in two colours – pink and green.

*We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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  1. Lincoln has one like this and it’s such a clever idea for the younger ones who would struggle with a two wheel one x

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