The Ordinary Moments – Bathtime

I only managed to get one photo of this ordinary, yet amazing moment of Harrison, Alex and Benjamin’s first bath together:

Ordinary Moment - Bathtime

The boys have showers on an evening, even Benjamin, who comes in with me. Sundays are bath nights, to let them have a play and splash about. Usually, Ben has a quick dunk in the big bath before Harrison and Alex get in, but this was the first time all three went in together.

They’re all water babies – they have never really minded having water tipped over their head or on their faces, which I think is because they all went in the shower from a couple of weeks old. Harrison and Alex usually end up soaking the bathroom and whoever is bathing them. This time, they understood they needed to be a little more gentle because Ben was in there with them.

Ben didn’t stay in there long – five minutes is enough at the moment – but he giggled and cooed away whilst he was in there and had a whinge when he had to get out. I know when he is old enough to sit up unaided he will be splashing away with his big brothers!

Who would have known such an ordinary moment could be so special?



22 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Bathtime”

  1. How special! We all have those pics of us in the bath with our siblings looking so joyful im sure theyll love to look back on the fun times..

  2. When my daughter saw her brother in the bath for the first time she went off and drew a picture of him – with added boy bits!

  3. I can relate. Our littlest on is almost sitting up unaided and is loving bathing with older siblings already. Its going to be a lot more fun in a few weeks I can feel it. Ordinary moments are usually the best, aren’t they as parents?

  4. Aww… enjoy, they look adorable together. It goes so quick, I remember my Teen having a bath with my daughter and even the twins, only 5 years ago, but he’s like a man now!! Where did the time and those moments go? Treasure them x

  5. What a cute photo. My children enjoy bath time too and somehow always manage to tip all the water from the bath onto the floor!

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