Meal Planning Monday {Gestational Diabetes Friendly} 12/8/19

Is this week three or four of the holidays? All the days are blurring into one at the moment. We have definitely hit that point where everyone is ready for school to start. It doesn’t help that we can’t venture far from home now because driving (and walking!) is rather uncomfortable, and I have so many appointments to try and work around. The boys have been so good though – they’re quite happy with just playing in the park with their friends with the occasional trip to McDonald’s or the ice cream parlour thrown in. It’s only three weeks max now until baby girl is here, and I think we are all literally counting down the days now!

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Plan

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Halloumi burgers and salad

Smoked haddock, sweet potato fries, and salad

Ratatouille and garlic bread

Chicken tikka chunks and saag aloo

Apple and pork steaks with mashed potato (sweet potato mash for me)

Veggie chilli and brown rice

Roast dinner

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