Meal Planning Monday

We did much better sticking to the meal plan this week. On Saturday we had a movie night and some Chicago Town frozen pizzas we had for a blog post, and we did have a cheeky McDonalds on Friday because we both felt a bit under the weather and not really up to cooking. Those meals have just been put onto this week’s meal plan. Graham is back at work this week, albeit it just for the one night shift before starting properly again next week so it will be easier to stick to – he’s the bad influence!

Meal Planning Monday

This week’s meal plan:

Monday: Pulled pork in rolls with coleslaw and wedges

Tuesday: Pork steaks with creamy mushroom sauce

Wednesday: Butter chicken and rice

Thursday: Baked potatoes with chilli or cheese and beans

Friday: Bacon wrapped chicken, roast potatoes and veg

Saturday: In Birmingham

Sunday: In Birmingham

4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday”

  1. Ahh! A McDonalds is great when you are not feeling so good. I hope you are feeling better now.
    We haven’t had Pulled pork in rolls for ages….I think we will have to have them soon x

  2. I love reading people’s meal plans, I’m always wondering what to make each week. Haven’t had pulled pork for a while, might put that on mine this week.

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