Meal Planning Monday 24/8/20

I really have fallen out of the routine of this – I need to get back into it!

This is the last full week before the kids start going back to school. They all have staggered starts, so it is going to be really fun remembering which kids are where on what day. Alex is the first one to go back next Friday – he starts over at the junior school with Harrison so it’s a big step for him!

I am looking forward to them going back to school and regaining a sense of routine and normality, but I have absolutely loved having them home for the past however many months it has been. It’s going to be very strange and quiet when they are all back, and I know Elizabeth is going to miss them terribly!

meal planning monday

Meal Planning

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Chicken, mozzerella and spinach pie, mashed potato and veg

Creamy seafood pasta and garlic bread

Gammon, mashed potato and parsely sauce with peas

Tuna pasta bake

Beef stirfry with egg fried rice

Pizza and chips

Roast dinner

One thought on “Meal Planning Monday 24/8/20”

  1. We have no news about what’s happening with my youngest girls school. I am assuming they’re all back on the 7th. Eek!
    Great meal plan! I love the sound of the seafood pasta. x

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