Meal Planning Monday 21/10/2019

Happy birthday week to me!! Yep, it’s my birthday on Saturday. I’m going to be 34 apparently. I say apparently – I had been telling everyone I was going to be 33 until Graham pointed out my age. Clearly, pregnancy and a newborn baby has pickled my head more than I thought!

We are off to Birmingham on Saturday morning for the weekend. Over the past three years, since my brother moved to Suffolk and we moved to North Wales, it seems to have become a bit of a tradition for us all to go back to Birmingham on ‘the birthday weekend’. In October, it’s my sister-in-law, my brothers, Graham’s, mine and Alex’s birthday, so it is a little celebration for us all. This year it is extra special because it will be the first time my brothers and my nan have met Elizabeth!


Meal Plan

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Beef stew and dumplings

Paprika chicken, wedges and corn on the cob

Halloumi burgers, chips and salad

Fish pie with peas

Slow cooker peppered beef with mushrooms, broccoli and rice

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7 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 21/10/2019”

    1. I buy them from Asda – they’re basically just thick wodges of Halloumi which I stick in a bun with salad. They taste AMAZING!

  1. Halloumi burgers are a great idea , my autistic son has just decided to be vegetarian,

  2. It all sounds so lovely and comforting. I love comfort food this time of year.

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