Meal Planning Monday 11/3/19

I was going to say that last week was pretty uneventful, but actually, it wasn’t. Harrison finally had his grommets operation (with an unexpected adenoidectomy at the same time!) so he was off school for the second part, and will be off all of this week as well – god help me! This week should be a quiet one, but who knows?

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Plan

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Pork and prawn balls in aromatic broth

Beef and broccoli with egg noodles

Pesto and pasta with peas

Garlic chicken and bombay potatoes

Cheese and tomato pasta with garlic bread

Chicken katsu curry

Roast dinner

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2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 11/3/19”

  1. A yummy meal plan, I need to set out meal plans, everyday is a struggle with what to cook, especially as my children like different meals so I tend to cook separate meals for the 3 of them, and then something for my fiance and I xx

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