Meal Planning Monday 4/3/19

Hello March!

I quite like March. It’s when the nights start getting a bit lighter and spring feels within reach, although, as I’m writing this, it’s freezing cold, pouring down with rain and very windy! The kids are back at school this week after half term, and the younger ones have two dress-up days at school, one for St David’s Day and one for World Book Day. Harrison will miss out on dressing up for World Book Day because he will be at home recovering from his grommets operation on Wednesday. It has been a very long time coming and he’s very excited to get his ears fixed. It will be a long day for both of us, as we have to be at Bangor hospital, a 45-minute drive (at least!) by 8 am in the morning.

Meal Plan

Click here to see last week’s meal plan

Chicken stirfry


Fish fingers, chips and beans

Mint lamb chops, roast potatoes and veg


Beef stew with dumplings

Roast dinner

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