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By their second birthday, both Harrison and Alex had completely given up using a pushchair.  They didn’t really have a choice – each time there was a younger brother who needed it and I was not going to buy a double pushchair! It was easy enough dealing with two toddlers walking – one holding each hand.

Benjamin is now well past his 2nd birthday but is still using his pushchair. I know that’s pretty standard – most two-year-olds are – but I want to start encouraging him to walk a little more. The school run is too far for his little legs at the moment, but there’s no reason he can’t walk when we do shorter walks down to the beach. In fact, that’s where I need him to give up the buggy – I can’t push it on the beach so he has to walk. It’s not quite as easy managing three young kids walking on my own though – I only have two hands! This is where the Little Life Toddler Backpack and Reins is becoming very useful!

In a variety of fun designs, including this adorable Tigger one that Benjamin chose, the backpacks are perfect for all sorts of adventures. Ours has been with us on the beach, and around Basingwerk Abbey ruins and Denbigh Castle.

They are much cuter, much more fun and much practical than traditional reins. The few times we tried reins with Harrison and Alex they hated them, but Benjamin loves his ‘packpack’.

It looks small but it does have a 2-litre capacity. At the moment, ours holds a couple of emergency nappies, pack of baby wipes and a spare hat. The straps are easily adjustable and there is a front harness to stop it slipping off his shoulders. I thought he would fight having this done up, but it really doesn’t seem to bother him.

The rein is detachable, so if they want to run free or they are getting too old for the reins, you can take it off and pop it in the backpack. It’s a good length to give them a little bit of freedom  – when I want him a bit closer to me, I just wrap the strap around my wrist a little more. There’s also a useful ‘tug handle’, which is useful if you don’t want to use the reins.

Our backpack costs £26.99 and includes free delivery. Whilst this sounds quite expensive, when you see the quality of it and how useful it is going out and about, it really is worth every penny!

*We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. My little boy is almost two and a half and I still put him in the pushchair sometimes as he runs off so often when walking. These reins look great I think I need to get him some xx

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