Jurassic World, Tropical House Music and Cupcakes #LittleLoves

It’s almost the end of the Easter holidays – sob! I’m really disappointed and felt like we have wasted the two weeks. We had so many plans but because of the atrocious weather never got to do any of them. All we have done is go to the farm and go for a very muddy walk in the woods. Still, it’s been nice not to have to do the school runs or go to work!

So what are this week’s Little Loves?


We have watched quite a few films over the past couple of weeks (I didn’t do my Little Loves post last week). The two that have really stood out were Inside Out, which we thought was really lovely, and Jurrasic World. I wasn’t sure that I would like Jurrasic Park,  being a massive fan of the original, but I thought it was brilliant. The only thing that I thought was a bit daft was the fact she wore high heels whilst escaping man-eating dinosaurs. Donna from What the Redhead Said, Laura from Laura’s Lovely Blog and I had a laugh about that on Twitter and Facebook!! Alex really surprised us whilst watching it – he could name lots of the dinosaurs! He’s never shown an interest in dinosaurs before so no idea how he knew that.


I’ve also listened to a lot of music this week. My brother introduced me to a whole new genre of music – it’s called tropical house apparently. He’s big into his EDM (that’s electronic dance music if you’re not down with the yoofs). To me it just sounds like a bit of summery dance music! I have no idea whether this track, which I heard for the first time in years this week, counts as ‘tropical house’, but I love it!!


Not a great deal! I have literally just picked up a HUGE bag of books from someone on a Facebook freebie site. They’re all perfect condition hardbacks and paperbacks, and all the sort that I like – Martina Cole, James Patterson and the like. There must be 40 books in there. My nan and mum like that sort of book as well, so I’ll be passing them onto them when I finish.



Lots of mud!!! I actually have a photo for this one this week. We went to the woods for a walk, knowing it was going to be extremely muddy. I don’t have any wellies, so I popped on my knee high brown leather boots, knowing they could be cleaned if they got dirty. I wore black leggings and long top (standard!) and my big beige cardi which I live in. The kids stayed relatively clean, Graham stayed clean. Me? The one that hates mud? I got COVERED in it, thanks to an over excited passing dog that decided to jump up me and say hello.



This week I have actually been cooking! I made Mexican Texas Chicken, which went down well, and some yummy lemon meringue cupcakes, which I will be blogging about soon!


And lastly…

I didn’t do little loves last week, so unless you’ve read about it on social media, our cat disappeared a couple of weeks ago. Bobby went out on Easter Saturday and hasn’t come back since. We’ve sent out leaflets to the local area and contacted vets and pet rescue centres but no sign whatsoever. Whilst there is still a chance of him coming home, we know it is unlikely now. We had talked about getting a second cat a while back, and we decided now was the time to get one. We will be picking our little lady, Daisy, up on Monday from the local RSPCA centre.


2 thoughts on “Jurassic World, Tropical House Music and Cupcakes #LittleLoves”

  1. Like you were covered in mud, I spent the weekend being covered in wet sand at the beach! What a nightmare! At least the dog was happy to see you and so your mess was made by love!! x

  2. I’m the one that always seems to get muddy dogs jumping up on me when we’re on walks! So annoying isn’t it?
    How fab is that huge bag of free books! Plenty to keep you going for a little while a least! 😉
    Hope you’ve had a good week this week x

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