A Lockdown Walk In The Park

It feels like it’s been ages since I have written a post like this. It probably has been. In between work and homeschooling the kids I just don’t get as much time to write what I want anymore, and that makes me all kinds of sad.

Last week, we discovered a new park literally around the corner from us. I say discovered – we knew it was there because I drive past it at least four times a day, but we have never actually been. We were getting a bit bored of the same walking route so we decided to head there, and boy, am I glad we did!

It’s next to the funfair so there’s a great view of the ‘Towyn eye’, and its just lots of green empty space for the kids to run around in, lots of shaded areas and a lovely little duck pond. We’ve played in the trees, had a run-around, had a quick snack, and made TikTok videos there so far. We are hoping to do the Wildlife Trust’s ’30 Days of Wild’ and I’m planning on doing lots of the activities there.

Here are a few photos of our visits there from last week.

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