A Quick Catch Up and Weigh In

Other than a couple of sponsored posts and reviews, I’ve been really quiet on the blog this week, so I thought I’d just do a quick post to let you know what’s been happening!

Last week was Harrison’s 4th birthday. We didn’t do much on the day as he had school, and wasn’t feeling too brilliant. We bought him a scooter and a trampoline for the garden, and the rest of my family bought him a water and sand tray. From his other nanny and great nanny he had money, which he very carefully spent on some new trucks, and his best friend Luke bought him a Spiderman backpack. On Friday evening, we had a little tea party at my mum’s house, with a Minion cake!




We were hoping to go out over the weekend and make the most of the nice weather, but early hours of Saturday I woke up with the worst sore throat I have ever experienced. It was absolute agony to eat, drink or talk. On top of that I had a really high temperature, and spent the day either shivering under or sweating on top of a quilt on the sofa in and out of sleep. Sunday was even worse – I ended up hallucinating (as I quite often do when poorly). Monday morning I went straight to the doctors, and ended up with a ten day course of antibiotics for tonsillitis. I even needed it in liquid form rather than tablets as it was too painful to swallow.  I still felt incredibly unwell, and spent most of the day in bed – thank god Graham is around to help! Luckily, by Wednesday afternoon I started to feel human, and managed to have something to eat for the first time since Friday night. This brings me on to this week’s weigh in…


I was expecting a huge loss as I didn’t eat anything for five days, and just drank gallons of ice cold lemonade and chocolate Friji milkshakes (so nice on a sore throat!). Even now that I feel pretty much fine, my appetite hasn’t really come back. Not a bad thing I guess!

I had been worried about not being well enough for Harrison’s first school trip on Friday. I had been picked as one of the parent helpers and I was really looking forward to it. It was to Ash End Farm (which we took Harrison and Alex to last year – you can read the review here). We each had responsibility for three children, our own and two others. The kids had chance to feed the goats, hold baby chicks, bottle feed a baby lamb and pick a freshly aid egg, before going off to eat our packed lunches in one of the barns. After lunch we went to the playground to burn off some energy before heading home with a coach full of tired kids – and adults!

The most exciting thing to have happened this week is an email from Bluestone National Park Resort offering us a four night stay next week. This is an opportunity we certainly couldn’t turn down, so we of course said yes. We now have a weekend of manic washing and packing to do, but we are SO excited – our first family holiday! I of course will be sharing the experience with you lot though!

So, that’s what’s been happening this week. Expect the next week or so to be a little patchy on the blog. Normality will resume very soon!


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