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Holy shit.


We are having another baby.

We weren’t supposed to be having another baby.

Four years ago, we decided three was enough. We got rid of the pram, the cot, the moses basket, the clothes…absolutely everything. With Ben starting full-time school, we thought our baby and toddler years were well behind us.

In fact, on Tuesday, I was at the breast clinic, having a lump checked out (just a cyst!), and they asked if I was planning anymore. “Absolutely not!”, I laughed.

Obviously, the universe has other plans.


Four kids. Mum to four. Four children. A family 6.

We’ve been catapulted from normal sized family to big family. Conwy council will give us another wheelie bin when Pumpkin is here.


I think I knew the day before to be honest. I realised my period was about a week late (boob lump and Ben being at school threw me out), and my coffee tasted weird. When I woke up on Thursday and felt like I wanted to vom, I knew I needed to take a test. Clear as day, that second line appeared. I did two tests, just to be sure.


Unplanned obviously. But now very much loved. I’m not going to lie, the first half hour or so was panic. Graham was at work, so I told my best friends. They calmed me down and made me realise that we’ve done it three times, and they’ve all turned out pretty well. Number four will be fine. A few hours later, I had a tummy twinge, and a panic set in. What if I was losing it? I knew at that point that whilst it was very much unplanned, it was already very much loved.

The symptoms, now I look back, were so obvious. Late period. Exhaustion. Needing to wee all the time. Funny taste in my mouth. Nausea.

So, week five. I think. Baby is about the size of a lentil. Mummy is feeling really sick in the mornings and evenings and knackered all the time. My family all know and my best friends know. The kids know. We didn’t want to tell them this early in case Pumpkin doesn’t stick around, but they overheard something. They’re all excited, wanting a baby sister. Benjamin asks every day if the baby is coming today. Alex puts his head on my tummy every night to try and hear him or her. Every time I heave, Harrison asks me if it’s the baby making me sick.

We are going to have a baby.

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