Harrison has been carrying his bag around for over a week, and he hasn’t let it out of his sight. It goes to bed with him, to the toilet – wherever Harrison goes so does Mr Tumble’s spotty bag. He tells me that it has his ‘treasures’ in. I’ve heard some interesting noises coming from it, and finally managed to have a peek. Earlier in the week I’d already spotted that he had the stylus from my nan’s tablet (sorry nan!) and found my house keys in there!


The contents of his bag so far…

Beer bottle lids (which he swiped from Grandad’s house!)
A stone
A paperclip
Blue tac
One of my (many) lip glosses
A plastic formula spoon (no idea where that came from!)
A tape measure that came from a Christmas cracker
A glass pebble
A pair of plastic scissors from a toy
A pack of green spot stickers
A magnifying glass
A toy helicopter
The plushie from his Toogiez t shirt
The lid to a Tommee Tippee beaker
An old mobile phone

I think I will definitely be keeping an eye on what is inside Mr Tumble’s Spotty Bag from now on – anything that catches his interest ends up in there!


Do your kids collect random junk?

One thought on “Treasures”

  1. Aww that’s so cute 😀 I actually used to have that phone 😛

    I wonder what Squidge will seek after he’s born and carry around with him 🙂


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