Third Place At The Eisteddfod!

Last week, I went to the Eisteddfodd at Harrison’s school. For those of who you have no idea what an eisteddfodd is, it is a Welsh festival of literature, music and performance – something the Welsh do very well!

This is my first year as a parent at the junior school, but from what I can work out, every year alternates between the lower school and the upper school in terms of the Eisteddfod, and this year, it was the turn of the lower school.

In the run-up to the celebration, several competitions were set – a piece of 2d art, 3d art, baking, poetry and photography, all along the theme of ‘coast and country’, which is what they are doing in school at the moment. Harrison decided he wanted to enter the photography competion, with this photo he took of the Point of Ayr lighthouse on Talacre beach.


The whole celebration was done in Welsh, which, if I’m honest, I barely understood a word of, but it’s such a beautiful language so I really didn’t mind. The school is a bilingual school. so while the main language is English, they heavily (and quite rightly!) promote speaking in Welsh wherever possible. There were individual recitals, performances of a Welsh story and music. It was really lovely, and seeing Harrison get up and speak in Welsh was amazing. I am so proud of how well he – and his brothers – have picked up the language. They all have a real talent for it, with Alex even being part of the ‘Criw Cymraeg’ in his school, which promotes Welsh speaking around the school.

Horrendous quality photo!!

When they came to announcing the winner of the photography competion, Harrison’s name was announced as third place, which of course both he (and I!) were overjoyed at. He loves taking photos and I think he has quite an eye for them. I’m hoping to buy him a ‘proper’ camera soon so we can go out and take some photos together.

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  1. That’s a great photo. Well done Harrison. Interesting to hear a bit more about what an Eisteddfod incorporates.

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